Thursday, February 01, 2007

Moving on.....

Ed and I just realized today that we are no longer calling the den "Daniel's room"! *sighhhhh* We're moving on,hm? Daniel has been married to our wonderful daughter-in-law Erin for 1 year and 1 month. We had struggled with what to do with his old bedroom as it was completely decked out in OSU scarlet and gray down to the plaid carpet. At the time, I was in fairly bad shape physically, so we couldn't do much. We decided to leave it in the Ohio State Buckeyes decor and are we ever glad that we did! I don't what we were thinking when we were contemplating changing it. Sheesh!
Anywayyyyy.......we called it Daniel's room for sooooo long after he left. It just didn't seem right not to. He had lived here for 18 years!
BUT......this afternoon, Ed was looking for the book he is presently reading and I asked him if he had looked in the den. We both just kind of stopped in our tracks upon realizing that we were no longer calling it "Daniel's room". A good thing, I believe. Yet, a bit heart-wrenching, as a parent and empty-nester. We're doing okay. Me and this wonderful husband of mine. *little smile*

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