Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 2 !

Thirteen Things To Do On A Sub-Zero, Icy, Snowy Day!

By Jewel :-)

1. Catch up on my Bible-reading program!
2. Make a big pot of vegetable soup! You can't just make a little bit!
3. Work a jigsaw puzzle! I am doing a Thomas Kincaide one!
4. Read a good book!
5. Stay in bed and snuggle!
6. Watch a chick flick!! More than one, actually!
7. Call my sister Debbie and talk about any and everything!
8. Read blogs, play online games and surf the web!
9. Bake cookies or some other delicious dessert!
10. Call my family members and friends and catch up with eachother!
11. Listen to Cd's and get new music ideas for church and choir!
12. Snuggle in bed with Ed and Ellie the cat!

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Barbara H. said...

Those are all great ideas! I'd lean towards reading books and blogs and maybe baking cookies.

el-e-e said...

What a nice list! (And what a NICE color/template for your blog! Hee hee.)

Happy TT! Isn't it fun?

Anonymous said...

Now that's my kinda snow day! If only we got snow here in South Carolina, LOL!!

Susan said...

hey that soup would be just the thing with a GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH! :) lol - this is a great TT - it's not very cold here but I am chilly this morning - too bad I couldn't stay in bed.... happy TT - thanks for visiting mine!

The Rock Chick said...

It's freezing here in Chicago, too and those sound like great things to do! I can actually stay in and hide out today while I'm waiting for the cable guy! (there's an excuse!)

I'm a puzzle fan, too! My mom found some old Shmuzzle Puzzles from when I was a kid in her basement. Been trying to work on them with my kids!!

Stay warm! Jessica

Jewel said...

Hi Barbara-I feel as though I found a treasure when I happened upon your blog. Thanks for stopping by and happy TT-ing!! *smile*

Hi Elee....yes, we do have good taste in blog templates,hm? I just love is so cheery!!
I'm still trying to figure out what your #1 is...;-)

Welcome Carrie....I loved your FIRST TT! Isn't it fun? So what is the weather like in SC in February? I'm thinkin' Myrtle Beach sounds really good right now. *smile*

Hi Susan....I actually did fix grilled cheese with our vegetable soup. You can't go wrong with grilled cheese,hm? I've never tried it with tomato, though. That does sound delish. I've put dill pickles on them and that was really good.

Dear Chick...thank you so much for stopping by. Chicago!! You must be in the deep freeze because it is absolutely frigid here! I've never been to but would love to go to Chicago...but in warmer weather. *smile*

Chickadee said...

These are some good ideas! Snuggling in and reading a good book and reading blogs are a great way to pass a cold day. :)

My 13 are up.

GEWELS said...

Hmm, pot of soup and a book- Heaven. Thanks for the ideas it's about 18 degrees here. Just waiting for the lake to freeze to skate.
Happy TT.
Mine's up

Theresa said...

I'm ready for soup anytime! How come I didn't get one of those catch-up-with-you phone calls??? ; )

Jewel said...

Hi Chickadee, Gewels, and Theresa! Thanks to each of you for stopping by and checking out my TT! I made so much of that soup that I had to give some of it away, which was really a wonderful thing, especially since we have an elderly couple in our church that is under the weather at the present time. Again, thanks for stopping by!