Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Oh No! It's happened to me!

I remember when I got my first computer back in 1996-97. I'm not sure of exactly which year it was. *sigh* (This is happening more and more as the years pass (speeeed) by.) Anywayyyy, everyone was saying, "Oh, you will love playing solitaire on your computer!" And my thought was always, "Why would you want to play soltaire on your computer?" Sheesh! I tried it a few times and just didn't get the big deal of it. Then, in 1999.....I remembered that year!*tada*....I started working at the library and people...mostly older people.....would come in, sign up to use a computer and then sit there and play solitaire! Helloooooo! That just didn't make sense to me. Such a waste of time! Especially when you could be surfing the web, emailing and so on. Wellllll, as most of you know, I am still contending with dial-up internet here in my little valley. Soooooo, as I wait for pages to load....some times longer than others....I have taken to playing...dare I say!!! On my computer!!! I'm addicted!!! I'm keeping a running list of my scores and times. (no, I'm not proud of this..) I've tried not playing it while waiting for pages to load....but it seems such a waste of time to just sit here and do nothing. Sooooo...I've resigned myself to it. I'll admit it.....I love playing solitaire on my computer. (Does this mean I really AM getting older?)


Stace said...

I too have known the addiction of Solitaire. It's a scary thing, but believe me, you CAN conquer it!!!

Jewel said...

Do you think a 12-step program will be required? *feeble grin* Thanks for stopping by, Stace! You're always welcome here!!