Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Doggy Snow Angel and DSL

This is Rocky's version of a Snow Angel. Not very neat and concise, but he had fun making it nonetheless. He is so funny. He puts his nose down in the snow and just goes plowing along. We had so much fun playing with him outside yesterday evening in the snow. Okay, so I didn't do too much romping about but I had fun watching, okay? *grin*
Okay, so my dear husband was standing her behind me just now watching me upload this photo and he was commenting about how long it took.....imagine that.....and he started singing...."Well, this ain't Dallas......this ain't DSL....." Very funny.
The actual country song, which is quite old, goes:
"Well, this ain't Dallas, this ain't Dynasty,
We're a real live two-job-working family,
And I ain't JR and you ain't SueEllen,
We're just man and woman,
Holdin' this thing together."
Okay, concerning isn't available here in the hills of Southeastern Ohio where we just happen to live.....:-( We have exhausted every avenue in trying to get it here. The only other option we might have is to try Hughes Net, so we'll see. In the great scheme of things, I dont' really know if it is necessary. Ohhhhh, but it would be wonderful to have. No more waiting for pictures to load. I could watch the video that all of you put up on your pages. I could post videos to my blog. I have a page on Everyones Connected but I don't go to it very often because it is unbelieveably slow with dial-up. Also, I had inquired about working from home via my computer but the companies that I contacted required DSL via a landline so Hughes Net would not have helped in that endeavor. I had heard about these companies through a segment on Good Morning America. They are legitimate and sounded like something that was right up my alley, because I had been thinking I would love to work part-time again and with my physical limitations, working from home would have been great! But as I said before, DSL was required. *sigh* But you know, I prayed about it and put it in the hands of the Lord and I just believe that He knows what is best for me right now and this must be it. What a comfort it is to be able to trust in Him for everything.
Okay, here are the web addresses for those companies that are hiring people to work from home:
These are reputable companies as warranted by Good Morning America and their website. No selling is required. I believe it is more of a customer service type of job or possibly taking orders for these companies as people call you or perhaps trouble-shooting of some sort. You must have a computer of course and a room in your home where you can work privately and quietly. As I have sat here typing this post, I have thought that perhaps I wasn't meant to get one of these jobs, but perhaps someone else needs this information and the Lord is using me to get it out to them. I am anxious to see and to hear what happens! I'll let you know!

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