Friday, November 03, 2006

Two women, Two boys, and a Tracker

Okay, here we go sister Debbie called me yesterday and asked me if I would drive her to a doctor's appt. and she also had to pick up her two grandsons ANDDD go by the grocery store, so I a really whiney voice. Well, I get to her house and I am kind of cripping around and here she comes out of her house toting her portable oxygen and stuff and I just look at her and say....."you know this is like the blind leading the blind, don't you?" And she just kinda chuckled and mumbled yes or something. So we get the Tracker and only after we have gone about three miles up the road with the wind whipping around our heads does she say, "I have money to give you for gas and I was going to ask you if we could take your car...." NOW SHE TELLS ME! *feeble grin* You see, her Tracker has a cloth top.....well, part of a cloth top. Well, most of a cloth top but somehow it has gotten some rips and tears in it and she has patched it up with duct tape as best she can, but, let me tell you, the wind was blowing again in that thing last night AND it was snowing, to boot!! So I just pulled up my coat collar and hunkered down a little lower and cranked up the heat. Well, we made it to the doctor's office and lo and behold if there wasn't this lady in there that just about talked, not just one, but both of my legs and almost an arm, off. She told me she was 75 and lived alone. (you're kiddin' me? I would never have guessed) Now, I don't mean to sound cold or like I don't have a heart. It is just that when I go to these appointments with Debbie I kind of look forward to gathering up a couple of magazines and just reading and having a little time to myself and maybe chatting A LITTLE with someone nearby. But in the span of 15 minutes I knew that this woman had been married 3 times. She had 5 children by her first husband and 3 by her second husband. They were both bums. Her third husband molested some of her children and it turned out he was gay so she got rid of him. Oh, I could go on and on. Oh and she asked me my maiden name. My mother's name. Ed's name and where his family was from. Where I lived. How many brothers and sisters I have. I truly tried to be patient and kind and realize that she was just would have been proud of me........ but I'm telling you she never shut up for one second!!! Finally....finnnnaaallllllyyyy......a nurse called her back to see the doctor. But by this time, Debbie was done. Sooooo..... so much for perusing the magazines!
So then we were off to get Corbin, who is 13, and Cade, who is 8. Well, Debbie told them to pack light because they were going to spend two nights with her because they didnt' have school today. I guess for boys they packed light but we only had the Tracker which has two seats, a steering wheel and gearshift in it. We finally found a place for all of their stuff and managed to squeeze them in, too, and then we were off to the grocery store. Wellllllll......we came out with two bags of groceries and two gallons of milk. so we put them on the floor in the back and the boys wrapped their legs around their heads. (just kidding, ok? but it was pretty crowded)
BUT! One good thing about the Tracker being so crammed full of people, luggage, bedding and groceries is that the wind and snow blowing on the way home wasn't nearly so bad!! LOL
We did have such a fun time with the boys! Cade couldn't believe that an "old woman" like me could drive a stick shift. Welllllll....I showed him a thing or five! *smile* He was pretty impressed at my speed shifting! Yeehaa!!

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Theresa said...

Jewel, pleeaaassssee tell me that you were not speed shifting in an over-loaded Tracker!!! (It's a great way to impress kids, but I really want my friend to stick around for a while, K???)

I live with a "talker". She's not lonely, she just likes to talk!!!!