Saturday, November 18, 2006

Later in the day

Soooo, after putting up the Christmas decorations, I came in showered and laid down to rest for a little while because my sisters and sisters-in- law were taking me to Texas Roadhouse for my birthday dinner that evening (Thursday). When I got up from resting, I was in so much pain. I took some pain medication and forced myself to get ready. Oh, and it was raining and cold outside by this time, but I made myself get ready and I went. We had such a good time and I am glad that I made myself go, even though the pain hardly abated the whole time. Now, I'd never been to a Texas Roadhouse and it was pretty rowdy, let me tell ya! All of the waiters and waitresses came over and the whole place yelled out a birthday "Yeehaa" for me! How cute! I had Roadkill. I kid you not. Actually, it is ground sirloin with mushrooms, onions and cheese on it. I also had a salad and humongous sweet potato smothered with butter and sour cream. Our waitress was really great and that made our meal even better! I really did have a good time, even though I just didn't feel very well. The girls each got me a set of bath towels and one of them got me dish towels and my sister, Bev, also gave me a set of Jessica McClintock cologne which I love. We don't have another birthday to celebrate until May but we will be getting together for Christmas, so we may have to have lunch sometime between Christmas and May just for the fun of it!! I am so thankful that we have kept this tradition up. It helps us to stay in touch and just get together and be "girls"! *smile*

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