Tuesday, November 14, 2006

And they came bearing gifts.......

Daniel and Erin came up Saturday afternoon to watch the OSU/NW game with us. We ordered our favorite pizza (Pizza Crossing) and settled into the den to root the Buckeyes on. It really wasn't much of a game, especially the second half, but oh how sweet it was when their 3rd string quarterback, Todd Boeckman, took in a touchdown! And the way Troy Smith was jumping around and celebrating it on the sidelines. It was sweet! And that boy, Todd Boeckman, is a big guy...whew!! He didn't seem to have much speed.....he kind of lumbered in.....but he got the touchdown. It was just fun to watch! But that had to be the longest second half of a Buckeyes game that I have ever watched! BUT....I did manage to get alot done on a Pittsburgh Steelers afghan I am crocheting for my Pastor's son as a Christmas gift.

Moving right along.......Daniel and Erin brought me and Ed belated birthday gifts Saturday. Here is a pic of Ed wearing his new blue shirt they got him. Isn't he absolutely handsome?? I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband. God sure knew what He was doing when He brought us together. "And I tip my hat, to the keeper of the stars, He sure knew what He was doin', when He joined these two hearts....." (Words from a C&W song that I love).

The kids got me a gift set of Dove "FIRMING" body wash and "FIRMING" body lotion. (Bless their hearts) Now don't go expecting to see any pictures on here of me "wearing" this stuff any time soon. LOL I wonder if it really works? I mean.....do you have any idea of how much and what all I have that needs firming?? Kinda hard to believe some body wash and lotion is gonna do the job, ya know??? LOL But I do have plans......three hour soak jobs. I'll let you know what happens. Oh, and the gift set also included a bar of soap and body scrubber and it all smells luscious. They also got me a Christmas Kitty picture frame in which I can display a picture of Ellie and they got me another Snowman. It is a stuffed snowman and is so cute. Now I don't collect alot of stuff, but I do like snowmen, though I only have a few. Oh, and there was also a little atomizer of Bath and Bodyworks homescents.....Cotton Blossom, one of my favorite B&B scents.

I think we may go to Erin's Aunt and Uncle's to watch the game this Saturday. They have a big projection screen TV, so that should be pretty neat but Ed is thinking maybe we might go out of town to see some friends because he has a five-day weekend this week. They will be moving REACH to new offices during this time so he will not be transporting kids Thursday, Friday or Monday. I hope to hear something about the job I applied for after the move is completed. (fingers crossed and the Lord willing.)

Well, I need to get off of here and go into town and run a few errands. I have a couple of other things to post about so hopefully I will get it on here before the day is out! God's best to each of you!!


Liz said...

hey, ummm, let me know if the firming lotion works ... :)

Jewel said...

I haven't had time to try it yet...*feeble grin*....perhaps Saturday before the BIG game! I'll keep you posted!