Saturday, November 25, 2006

Later in the day.....

Ed and I returned home at about 4:30 on Thanksgiving. I came in the house, grabbed a couple of things and headed back out to go to my sister Debbie's house. Her two son's and their families were gathering there at five to have dinner and I wanted to see them and visit for awhile. We had such a good time. The only thing I ate was just a smidge of noodles because I was still full from dinner at the Pullins.

The picture to the left is of (starting from the left) Shawn, her youngest son, Troy, her oldest, Troy's youngest son, Cade, and Debbie, my sister.

After everyone had eaten and we had laughed and visited and just enjoyed eachother's company, Troy, Debbie and I commenced to cleaning everything up and doing the dishes. Shawn's wife, Stephanie and his two children, Jayce and Jordan and Troy's oldest son, Corbin were also there , though not in the pic. It was a rowdy, happy time that we had. I finally arrived back home at about 8pm and felt very satisfied and happy with the day spent with family and friends. And wasn't the weather just perfect???

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