Thursday, November 16, 2006

Born Again!

This past Sunday we were blessed to have Evangelist Ken Cook and his wife, Julie with us. In the morning service, a man who has been attending Sunday morning services for about a month, received the Holy Ghost. As he was worshipping the Lord and all, his daughter came up to watch him and see what was going on and she received the Holy Ghost, too. They both received the Holy Ghost so easily, which was doubly wonderful! The young lady is the girlfriend of Sis. Pam's (a wonderful saint at our church) oldest son. They have two young sons and a week-old beautiful baby girl. Sis. Pam's children are slowly but surely coming to the Lord and back to the Lord. How effective are the prayers of a mother!!

Julie (Sis. Cook) was not able to sing because she had laryngitis *sp*. Would you believe I have never heard her sing or play? So I was really disappointed about that but then I know she must have enjoyed not "having" to play or sing for a couple of services.

She and her husband are just the sweetest people and we enjoyed having them with us so much. God truly ministered and filled souls with His spirit.

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