Thursday, November 16, 2006

What would YOU do for a PlayStation 3?

Sis. Pam and I go out to the church two mornings a week and pray. We usually get there at about 6:30am, before she has to leave for work. We had an awesome time of prayer this morning!

Afterwards, I decided to go to Walmart and "finger the merchandise". This is what my dad called it when my mom would go shopping just for the fun of it or go to look but not necessarily buy. Anywayyyyyy......I especially wanted to peruse the Christmas aisles, so proceeded out to the garden center to see what was out there and lo, and behold, but there were people out there sleeping in sleeping bags and chairs and I thought : "What is going on here?!?!?!?" Sooooooo, I asked the next clerk to go by just what the deal was and he said that these people were waiting to be the first to purchase the new Playstation 3 which is due in tonight at midnight. These people had been there since yesterday. Welllllll.....being the introvert that I am...har, har.......I went over to chat with these wierdos, er, uh...I mean, people. Ahem. I just couldn't believe that people would forego 2-3 days of their lives to wait in line for Playstation 3!!!! Hellllloooooo?????
I even took their pictures and yes, I asked permission first!

I talked with them for a short while and eventually told them that I had only stayed up all night for two pray and to care for my sick child and my mother. (I forgot about lock-ins and mid-winter...argh! LOL)

In closing, seeing these guys (they were all guys) camping out in the garden center at Walmart for 2-2 1/2 days to get a Playstation 3, really affected me. There IS a spiritual lesson to be learned here.



Tony said...

The only thing I would camp out 3 days for is Free park admission for Disney World for life. Oh, and free Disney Vacation Club.

Jewel said...

Now that's a thought. I might even do that..maybe. *grin*