Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving traditions

One of the traditions that my family has is to call eachother on holidays. Not just Thanksgiving. Well, Johnny surprised me by calling me at 7:30am! He beat me to it! After talking with him, I called Bill, Debbie, and last but certainly not least, my sister Bev. Now, you may think...."a phone call? so what's the big deal?" It is a really big deal! If I didn't talk to each of my dear siblings on holidays, I would truly feel that it just wasn't complete. One of the fun things about it is to see who calls who first. You see, I don't want to call toooooo early because this might be the only day that say, Johnny or Bill or Bev might get to sleep in but I want to try and call them before they get the chance to call me, just to get the jump on them. *smile* So it is kind of a cat and mouse game that we play with eachother on hoidays. And somtimes we tell eachother silly jokes and the like. Nevertheless, holiday mornings are special for us. Also, with our families becoming more extended....children marrying, grandchildren coming along, it just makes it more difficult for all of us to get together BUT! We are planning the annual Peters' family Christmas get-together on December 16! Oh, and lest I forget, here was my annual Thanksgiving joke that I laid on everyone, to much groaning and laughter:

Wellll...there was this turkey farmer who, of course, raised turkeys. But there was a dilemna every year because there were never enough drumsticks for everyone at Thanksgiving dinner. Only two. So, this turkey farmer thought he would try to come up with a turkey that had more than two legs. Over the next several years, he proceeded to cross-breed different types of turkeys and did some genetic engineering and testing. Welllllll, after many attempts, he finally produced a turkey that had six legs!!! He was telling his close friend about his great accomplishment and his friend said, "That is just awesome! Unbelievable! But.....what does it taste like?" To which the turkey farmer replied, "Heck if I know! I haven't been able to catch it!"

Har Har Har!!! LOL Well, I thought it was funny!!! *smile*

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and now it is on to Christmas!!! And shopping! And banquets! And parties! And shopping! And choir practice! And play practice! And shopping! And more banquets! And more parties! And shopping! And more practices!! Oh the joy of it all!!! *smile*

Just remember the true reason for the season........It's all about HIM.

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