Saturday, November 25, 2006

Playing Post-Thanksgiving Catch-up

Hellooooooo, everyone! Okay, that greeting might sound a little more enthusiastic than I am actually feeling at 9:34am on Saturday morning, but I shall press on! *groan* *feeble grin*

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone and it was good. I was a little concerned about how I would handle this first Thanksgiving without the "boy" here. You see, one of our Thanksgiving traditions was that Daniel would usually get up at about tenish on this morning and he and his dad would sit at the table and have slices of turkey on paper plates. I would always have the turkey cooked by then and as usual, before Daniel's feet would even hit the floor, I would hear this voice from his room calling out sleepily..."fooooooooodddddd". *smile* So, while I was fixing dressing and noodles and other dinner goodies, they would sit at the table and eat juicy slices of turkey and bread and butter or the light rolls, if I had them baked already.

Well, it just so happened that while Erin Maree was getting some sleep (she had to work Thanksgiving eve 10:00-7am), Daniel came up here to change the oil in his truck and have his Dad help him put a serpentine belt on it, too. I had just taken rolls out of the oven and faster than you could say Happy Thanksgiving, he had devoured two of them, going on to eventually eat five of them, dipping them in the pot of noodles that were bubbling on the stove. Soooooo, it was good to have him home on Thanksgiving morning for a little while. :-)

Later in the afternoon, we gathered with Daniel and Erin at her aunt and uncle's home and shared a bountiful Thanksgiving dinner with all of the Pullin family. The food was delicious and they always make us feel so welcome and at home. Afterward, Erin, Daniel, Brian and I gathered around Darlene's keyboard and as I played, we sang. These young people can tear it up, let me tell you. They just harmonize so well together. I love close, tight harmony. Now, they don't have loud, flashy voices but just beautiful, smooth voices that blend so well together. As we were singing and playing, the guys retired to another room to watch football and the ladies kind of crashed in the great room to watch the old version of "Yours, Mine, and Ours" with Henry Fonda and Lucille Ball. I had never seen the old version and I'm thinking that Ed and I are going to have to get it from the library and watch it. It has been updated and color put to it, which I really like, as I just don't have much tolerance for black and white films.

Here is a couple of really good pictures of Daniel and Erin after Thanksgiving dinner with the Pullins.

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