Saturday, November 11, 2006

The best birthday ever

Wednesday, November 8, was my 55th birthday. Double nickels. Five years from sixty. On the downward slope to one-hundred. Whatever.

It was the best birthday yet! And I didn't even have cake! Can you believe it? And this is not a ploy to get all of you to go out and buy me a cake or bake me a cake. So please.....don't. Seriously. I'm not a big cake fan anyway.

My point is this: The reason this birthday was so special was that I heard from more of my family and friends on this one day than I have for as long as I can remember! How great is that???? Dare I try to name all of you??? Okay, here goes: dear husband, who, upon my walking into the den with my first cup of coffee that morning, began singing "Happy, happy birthday, baby..." to me! Now how sweet is that??? sister.....God love her.....she called me shortly after Ed's little serenade and commenced to singing happy birthday to me in her slow, kind-of-struggling-to-breathe-voice. It meant the world to me. oldest brother, called sometime during the day and said a hearty "Happy Birthday, Sis!" to me and sang happy birthday to me.

I received several messages on EC (EveryonesConnected) from Stacy, Serena, Jeffrey, David, Kim, and Theresa.

And here on my blog, I received birthday wishes from Becky and Donnie.

I received phone messages from Troy-my nephew, Becky-my dear friend, Tina-another dear friend, and Neda-another dear friend.

I saw my twin-brother, Johnny, at church that night and we wished eachother happy birthday and hugged and all. Sis. Hurst, whose hair I do twice a week, brought me a beautiful fall centerpiece for my table. My sister, Bev, had come down Saturday and spent some time with me. Also, she and my other sister and sisters-in-law will be taking me out to dinner this coming Thursday evening at the Texas Roadhouse in Lancaster and am I ever looking forward to that!

I know that I've probably forgotten someone, but my point is this: I didn't have a cake, received only one gift and yet my birthday was so wonderful because I heard from the people I love the most and that is what really matters, that is what counts. To just be touched by the ones you love and hold dear. (gosh, but I AM getting old and sounding OLD, hm? *smile*)

Ed got me a new printer, scanner, copier for my computer. I've had the same printer now since 1997. It's been through three computers and still works fine but I just wanted a new and improved one with a scanner.

So, thank you all for making my birthday so special.......because you are all so special to me!

((((((HUGS TO EACH OF YOU)))))))

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