Monday, March 06, 2006

The weekend past

A great group of young people from IBC (Indiana Bible College) were our guests at church this past weekend. I believe there were about 24 of them in all. They sang, preached, worshipped and just ministered to us greatly. It was an awesome time! Serena Edwards, in the orange sweater, was the co-ordinator/chaperone of the group. She is also a former piano student of mine. She was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphma 2 years ago, but is now cancer-free because our gracious Lord healed her!! Completely!! Isn't that so absolutely glorious?!?!?

Oh, and moving right along......Daniel started at McDonald's in The Plains TODAY!! ANDDDDDD.......he is working three 7 hour shifts a week, which is perfectly, absolutely, exactly what he wanted and needed,to work around his school schedule and church activities. The Lord does all things perfectly and well, does he not??? *smile*

It was a full day yesterday (Sunday). Our Sunday AM service in which the IBC students ministered was powerful. I believe the service went on until about 12:30, which is quite a bit later than normal, but......who cares? The Lord touched me so wonderfully, I could have stayed there all day and, in fact, we almost did! The ladies of the church fixed dinner for the group and we stayed and ate with them and fellowshipped, then helped clean up afterwards, so we got home at about 2:30. I came home and took my customary Sunday afternoon nap and oh, what a nap it was! All I remember is laying my head on my pillow and then Ed was gently waking me up an hour and a half later!! What sweet sleep I had!! I was good to go for the evening! So it was back to church for another time of worship, the wonderful Word of the Lord, and fellowship. What a satisfying day it was!

So after a really full day yesterday, it is good to be home today, especially since it is raining and chilly outside.

I will blog some more later but for now, I am off to fold clothes, work in Daniel's room some more (will we ever not call it "Daniel's room"?). It is beginning to take shape! It's looking more like a den everyday! Anddd, I just might work in an afternoon nap, too! *yawn* Nothing like a nap on a chilly, rainy Monday afternoon. to you lata!!

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