Saturday, March 18, 2006

I Should Be In Bed!

Good Saturday Evening! It has indeed been a busy past couple of days here! It is now 11:22pm and I should be in bed because another busy day awaits tomorrow. We are having Pastor Appreciation Day! Okay, I know we are a bit late or it could be a bit early depending on how you look at it. October is officially clergy appreciation month and that is when we normally do this, but time just got away from me and all. Since then, it seems I just haven't been able to get my act together, what with the physical problems I have been having and all, not to mention the mental (har..har!). Anywayyyyyy, we are having pastor appreciation in March!!! Yeehaa! could say that we are having it early this year could say that we are terribly late from last year. It just doesn't matter, either way, does it?? We are having a special speaker (my very special adopted son from Mt. Vernon!)for both services tomorrow and as soon as I found that out (last Sunday morning in our senior staff meeting at church), I jumped at the opportunity to have pastor appreciation Sunday!! We are going to have a carry-in dinner after the morning service, which is always a great time for everyone and we have some other little festivities planned throughout the week and small gifts and things, so I am looking forward to it all. I just finished putting the finishing touches on a big banner to go across the front of the church. I know, I know.....nothing like waiting until the last minute.....but I do some of my best worker under pressure! *smile* I am going to get up early tomorrow morning and fry chicken, fix green beans and a yummy dessert! I may fix macaroni and cheese, too, because the little ones always scarf it up! I have to stop by Walmart and get candy and roses. I had better get myself off to bed, but I just had to stop by and blog for a bit! I hope your weekend is going wonderfully! Isn't the weather absolutely beautiful?? And how 'bout them Buckeyes??? They play Georgetown tomorrow afternoon at 4:15!!! O-H-I-O!! GO BUCKS!!

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