Thursday, March 16, 2006


Hello, hello!! I know, I know.....where have I been? Well, busy, busy, busy and it might just be me, but I have to be in the "mood" to post, you know? *sigh* but stay tuned, this could be a good one!! *smile*
The Sunday School Conference this past weekend was life-changing. I cannot even begin to explain it all here, but the speakers were truly directed and inspired by God and we all came with hungry hearts, willing spirits, and open ears. It was so evident that much planning, prayer and fasting had gone into this conference. I was one of the benefactors and I can truly say, it was life-changing. You see, we get into ruts and routines and we don't even realize it. We do it almost unconsciously. It happens......even to the most well-meaning saint of God. These events, such as this wonderful, annointed Sunday School Conference, are prepared for just this give those of us who labor in the field a retreat, a place of refreshing, a common ground with other laborers where we can be renewed, our desire and passion restored, our short-comings and failures forgiven. It is imperative that we take advantage of these conferences, especially as the day of His coming approaches. The times demand our best and I have been inspired and helped so greatly by the classes and services of this past weekend at Newark Apostolic Church. Ohhhh.....and did I mention that the food was really good, too????? *smile* We had box lunches from Subway, fruit and relish trays, and beverages. It was great, especially after coming off of the infamous three day diet! *smile* Andddd, last but not least, Pentecostal Publishing House was there and they always have great bargains on books, cards, music and the like! I spent like $30-40 on some great books and greeting cards.
My two sisters, two sisters-in-law and I FINALLY went out for my birthday this past Tuesday! My birthday was last November 8! It was just such a busy time of the year! What can I say? But we had a wonderful lunch and talked ourselves silly. This birthday lunch tradition started about 5 or 6 years ago. It was my sister Bev's birthday , so I called the girls and asked them what they thought of each of us buying her a set of nice bath towels, then going down to where she works and surprising her by taking her out for lunch? Wellllll, they were all for it and we have been doing it for each other ever since! I haven't bought towels for years!!! *smile* Oh, and we sometimes buy kitchen towels instead of the bath towels if the birthday girl wants. This is a way for us to stay in touch and not just let our birthdays become another day on the calendar, you know? Sandy, my sister-in-law, is the only one still under 50, so we will have to have a really BIG celebration when she hits half-a-hundred!!
Then yesterday, I had my last chiropractic appointment in this series. My sister Debbie called early in the morning and she had a doctor's appointment in Lancaster, too, so I just picked her up and we went together. After our appointments, I phoned Bev, our other sister, and since it was her day off, she invited us to her house for lunch. I tell you of a truth, I am just loving this time of my life and my dear sisters. We had such a nice visit. We are now planning to take an overnight trip somewhere together......perhaps to Amish country. It is so neat how we are so different from each other, yet we share so many commonalities.
Today, I have been doing little things around the house here and fixed a nice lunch for Ed and me.....pork chops, mashed potatoes and gravy (yes, they were homemade) and peas, bread and butter. Not diet food, but really, really good! *smile* I am going to go out and rake a few leaves in a little while. I also have to make a banner for Pastor Appreciation Sunday this weekend. And I have to put the finishing touches on a song for choir practice tonight. Oh, and we are taking the youth to Bro. Monk's church for a youth social. We are to wear the funkiest green outfit we can put together. It is a contest, so I have to put something together for that, too. So I had better close out this post and get with it,hm?
I am doing really great physically. My back is getting stronger every day. I am doing my exercises and trying to work in a little more physical activity everyday. The Lord is helping and healing me as I trust in Him and give Him the glory and do my part. Thank you, Lord Jesus.
Oh, and I have posted a picture of my doggie-nephew, Sausalito....Sausie for short! He is my sister Bev's dog. I took his picture yesterday during our visit.
And, last but not least, Ohio State plays tomorrow at 12:15pm! Go Bucks!!

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