Tuesday, March 07, 2006

This child of mine

This past Sunday morning, after church, Daniel and I were about the only ones left in the sanctuary. We were talking about this and that and I began to tell him that I knew that McDonald's might not be the greatest place in the world to work........when he put his hand on my shoulder and stopped me, saying that it was actually perfect. You see, he had prayed about it and told the Lord that He could work 3 seven-hour shifts a week and still manage a full schedule at school and the rest of his life. *smile* Well.....that is just what he has been given at McDonalds. He actually starts tomorrow evening (Wednesday) at 5pm. The Lord does all things perfectly and well, hm? I'm so thankful Daniel has learned to trust in Him for everything. I just had to brag on the boy a little before I go to bed. *feeble grin* Thank you for indulging me this little bit.

But before I go........I am so thankful for my circle of friends. Besides my DH, DS and DDIL (figure that last one out *grin*), they are the most precious thing I have in this world. They are all so different and diverse, yet I need each one so very much in my life. I have been in tears different times today when thinking about my friends and how much each of them means to me and just what would I do without them. I don't ever want to know.

Phl 1:3 I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.......

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