Thursday, March 23, 2006

Okayyyyy, so I lied!

I got the recyclables done but am now cramming for choir practice 50 minutes to be exact! So I will have to post later!! Life is just too busy or perhaps I don't manage my time well? You decide!! *smile*
So last night, I wore a new spring jacket to church. As I was finishing getting ready, Ed looked at it and said, "That jacket has "sequels" on it, doesn't it?" "SEQUELS"???? You mean, S-E-Q-I-U-N-S, don't you, honey??? We had a good laugh! (He said that on purpose!) He does this to me all of the time! Saying almost the correct work but not quite! Like....."we're supposed to have some "participation" tonight, I heard". (in place of percipitation, in case you are wondering) *smile* It is so funny when he does it! Lata!!!

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Rebecca said...

Ok, I'll try to bring Napoleon Dynamite! I'm so EXCITED ABOUT SPRING BREAK!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!