Thursday, March 02, 2006

To let you know.......

I try to post every day. I love posting. Sometimes I post a few times a day, but I have had a bit of a set-back with my back and have been experiencing quite a bit of pain, so I am not feeling very "talkative" at the present time. :-(

I will tell you though that Daniel has an interview in the morning at McDonald's in The Plains. Isn't that wonderful? I am proud of him. Erin, his wife, has also had to go for two different rounds of xrays because of some problems with her back. They haven't gotten the results yet, but we are praying for her.

I'll post again soon. I appreciate all of you who stop by! :-)
Have a great weekend!!

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Doug E. said...

We'll keep you in prayer about your back. And thanks for stopping by my blog.

God bless,