Monday, March 27, 2006

Spring Break!


Becky....pictured at the my "adopted" granddaughter. She is on spring break this week and is spending the week with me and Ed. She said she is sooooo excited!! Wellllll......I told her to not get too excited because things don't get too exciting around here. Remember? We're old!! *grin* I think it is going to be a fun week of sleeping, eating, and watching chick flicks! She is watching "Runaway Bride" even as I type. Well, now we are all three going to watch Price is Right! Exciting, hm? lol Be still my heart!! Nooo, seriously....we are going to go shopping and I am going to show her the sights. We will be having some fun times, I promise!!!

I think that last time I posted was last Thursday!! Please forgive me :-(

This past Friday night we had a youth night at church. We fixed tacos, which the kids love to help fix. They just love to get in the kitchen, so I am thankful that we do have a really great kitchen at church. We have also been able to put together a really great game room at church for the youth. We have a pool table, foozeball, pingpong, and air hockey. Plus, a couple of the guys brought their video games. We also have all kinds of board games and such, my favorite being Uno Attack! There were like 15-16 youth there and we did have such a fun time! This Friday there is a Holy Ghost Rally at New Life Christian Center in Lancaster which we will be going to. It is for kids of all ages so we will be taking some of the younger ones, too, which I know they are excited about!

On Saturday, my sister, Bev, and I left early (7:15am) to go to the Ohio District Minister's Wives Retreat in Dublin, Ohio. We were the entertainment! *grin* You see, I had done this skit for a Mother's Memorial Tea last spring at New Lexington UPC. Sis. Young like it so much, that she recommended it to Sis. Jordan, who organized the retreat. I could hardly believe that they wanted me to do my skit for these wonderful ladies! It was very well received and, I say with much humbleness, the Lord blessed and annointed what we presented. It went right along with the other songs and ministering that took place. The Lord had truly orchestrated this gathering of wonderful ladies.

Yesterday.....the Lord's day......was a wonderful day. We had a great service yesterday morning. Immediately afterward, I went to Millersport where I picked up Becky. I stayed for a short while and visited with Donnie, Becky's dad, my adopted son, and the Monk family. We got home at about two 0'clock and I was ready for my Sunday afternoon nap, let me tell you! So we had a late dinner and I headed off to bed for about an hour nap. It was sweet! We headed back to church at 5:oopm for choir practice. Is this choir ever shaping up???? I am sooooo excited!! They sounded absolutely great last night!! That just shows you what can happen when the Lord blesses and annoints His people and the talent that they offer Him. To God be the glory!! After church, where we had another awesome service, a bunch of us went to McDonald's for some food and fellowship, then on to home. We got Becky settled into her room and we finally turned in about 11:30. I was beat!

This morning has been nice. The weather is absolutely gorgeous so we are definitely going to have to get outside some and enjoy it! I fixed breakfast for all of us and have done laundry, made the beds, and so on. I have to fix my hair....egads! It is just kind of hanging around right now. I washed it last night and Becky brushed it out this morning. It is soooooo awesomely nice to have someone brush my hair!!

We have prayer tonight at 7pm, so we have plenty of time to get into something before then, if we decide to do anything besides watching movies and hanging around home, which, at this point, is sounding pretty good to me. Monday is kind of my vegging-out day after such busy weekends. I am so thankful to the Lord that I am not working outside of the home. I know that it has taken some pretty painful physical disability to get me here, but I am enjoying being at home and taking care of things here and of my husband.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Monday. Get outside and enjoy the beauty of the early days of spring!

Oh, and I have one more absolutely great thing to tell you about. Bro. Henry Cook, who is in his mid-eighties, suffered an apparent stroke/heart attack last Sunday morning on his way to church. He was in pretty dire conditions. He was stopped at the intersection in Logan at CVS when this happened. Wellllll......he was dismissed from the hospital a couple of days ago without any symptoms of anything!! Praise the dear Lord Jesus! Isn't that just great????

Also, another dear friend of mine, Andrea Ruff, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a huge lump and lymph nodes removed about 2 weeks ago. They have just done a bone scan and other tests on her and have found nothing in her system. Isn't that marvelous? We are trusting the Lord to heal her completely and keep her clean!! He is able and such a wonderful prayer-answering God.

"God can do anything, anything, anything,
God can do anything but fail,
He can save, He can heal, and I know that He will,
God can do anything but fail."

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