Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bad blogger! Bad blogger!

Okay, to kinda sorta redeem myself, I DID have a lengthy post already to put up here yesterday morning and while trying to put in a picture, I lost the entire thing!! I was livid!! And I just didn't have the heart to retype it! So here I am once again, hoping to finally get a post up! Wish me luck!

Becky, my adopted granddaughter, and I are at the Logan-Hocking District Library using their computers. They are so much faster than mine. I have dial-up and it can go so slow sometimes, especially blogger.

I had a really great though busy weekend. Friday night we had youth group at church. We had a game night and made tacos. The kids love to get in the kitchen and cook, though they are quite so enthusiastic about cleaning up. We now have a game room downstairs that consists of a pool table, table tennis, air hockey, and foozeball. A couple of the guys also brought their video games and we also had board games. I love to play Uno Attack! We had a great, fun time. There were 15 young people present and a couple of them were visitors. One of the girls who was visiting said that she could not remember when she had laughed so much! Hopefully, we can get her involved and coming to church.

Saturday, my sister Bev and I went to the Ohio District Minister's Wives Retreat in Dublin, Ohio. You see, last year I wrote and presented a skit at the New Lexington, Ohio's Mother's Memorial tea. Sis. Young, the pastor's wife there, recommended it to Sis. Jordan for this retreat. So I guess you could say that I was the entertainment. :-) While the skit is funny, it does end on a serious note. It went really good and the Lord blessed and annointed. Though I was really nervous before hand about doing the skit for these wonderful ladies, I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to share it with them and minister to them.

I finally got home at about 2pm and took a lengthy nap. I was beat. We left at 7am that morning and I hadn't slept very well the night before. Later in the evening, I put the finishing touches on my class lesson for the next day and got music together for the morning service.

Sunday was just as busy. After the morning service, I went to Millersport where Dan Monk is the pastor and picked up my adopted grandaughter, Becky, who is spending the week with me. She is on spring break. She has been so excited, but I told her to not get too worked up because she would be spending her week with two old people. But I believe she has had an enjoyable time, in spite of our "oldness". *grin*

Sunday evening before service we had choir practice. Let me tell you, this choir is coming together quite nicely! I just can't believe how great they sound. You see, individually, many of these dear people do not have dynamic voices, but when singing together in a choir and under the annointing of the Lord, it is just amazing at the sound they have. I am just ecstatic! To God be the glory!! Anyway, we had a great service and the worship and music were fantastic! The Lord is good!

Monday is my veg-out day. After a busy weekend, I just need a day to catch-up, rest and pull myself together again. So Becky and I watched a couple of movies, ate, washed our hair, and so on. In the evening, we did go to prayer at church which was awesome, too.]

Yesterday, Tuesday, we went to Athens to do some shopping. We also stopped by Daniel and Erin's because I wanted to see Daniel's humongously big NCAA brackets. And they are huge! My money is on George Mason....whoever they are. *smile* We lunched at Ruby Tuesday's, shopped at Walmart, Cato's, Staples, and I can't remember where else. We had left home at about noon and got home at around seven o'clock last night. I was so tired! But we had a really good day. I actually went to bed and slept for about an hour, then got up at just a little before ten so Becky and I could watch Nashville Star.

Today, I had to go to my chiropractor. I am now going just once every two weeks, which is a big improvement. I still can't "run with a troop or leap over a wall" BUT.....who knows? It could happen in time! Okay, maybe a little hop over a brick or one would be doable. The running with a running has never been a pretty sight. Me running now could possibly cause a serious wave of nausea to come upon anyone who might care to watch. I will run in the privacy of my home for this very reason.

I am going to end this rambling post for now, but I promise not to be so absent again. I don't what got into to me! Well, I have had this teenager occupying my computer quite a bit the past three days. Isn't it amazing how one can sit and talk and laugh and carry on a conversation with an inaminate object? She does have fun!

The weather here is absolutely gorgeous! Becky and I grabbed some lunch at Rally's and headed over to Rising Park where we ate and watched the ducks. We threw them a few crackers. It was nice, just plain nice, let me tell you.

Hope you are having a good one!

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