Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Please pray for Denise

I have a dear friend, Denise, that I only know through blogging. Her blog is Shortybear's Place. She usually posts at least once a day and sometimes more. She has not posted since Jan. 1. I am a bit concerned as she has health issues as does her DH. Please pray earnestly for them both. I would appreciate it so much. And I am praying that we hear from Denise soon. She is such an encouragement and blessing to others through her blog and her comments on others' blogs.


Denise said...

Bless your beautiful heart my friend. I love you, and very much appreciate your prayers. I have been in the hospital due to my diabetes. I got to come home today.

Jewel said...

Yes, I read your blog, Denise and was so thankful to read that you are home, though still dealing with some health issues. *whew* I'm so relieved that you are alright! And thankful to the Lord! I'm praying for you and your DH. (HUGS))