Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Are you tired of baby pictures yet?

Like I think you are really going to be honest? *smile* Well, of course you will be, huh? *grin*
Here is an adorable picture I took of Jaylon yesterday as he slept on grandma's big bed:

Erin and Jaylon came over and had lunch with me and Ed yesterday. They spent the afternoon and then Daniel came home and had dinner with us. We had such a good visit and I could just hold that little bundle of baby forever! *smile* Jaylon just looks at me with those beautiful eyes and acts like he would just love to say something back to me when I'm talking to him. I love him to pieces!


Denise said...

I will never tire of seeing pictures of dear Jaylon my friend, love you.

Theresa said...

This Nana will never get tired of seeing baby pictures. Your babies, our babies, anyone's babies!

He's so precious looking. I just want to pick him up and snuggle him!

Today Eva and Jessica are coming home. So maybe I'll just brave the ugly weather and go snuggle her.

Stace said...

I'll have to become immune to baby photos... it won't be long before I'm showing off my own!! lol

Jewel said...

Thank you, dear friends, for understanding AND enjoying my grandbaby's pictures with me. ((HUGS))
Oh, Stace, I can't wait to see your little Bean's pictures!! It won't be long!
And Theresa, you've got a NEW grand-daughter to show-off! I now understand about grandmas! *smile*
Denise, I continue to pray for you and Lovebug. You are so encouraging!! ((HUGS))