Friday, January 02, 2009

The most recent update on Jaylon

I just got this email update from Erin's mother. Sounds like Jaylon is getting alot better as he is getting active and antsy. *smile* We will be going up tomorrow afternoon to see the little guy once again. Hope you are having a wonderful day!

"The baby is getting active and continuing to get better! X-Rays are being taken only every twelve hours and will soon be taken only once a day. The IV was finally put in his scalp and fed down to his chest cavity where the doctors want it. It should be good in that spot for fourteen days. The new plan is to give Jaylon antibiotics for seven more days and start feeding him a week from Saturday.

The poor little fellow is not happy with all his tubes and wires! He tries to remove the feeding tube from his mouth and takes off his heart monitor. The nurse has attached his pacifier to a towel hoping he will play with the towel instead of his wires and tubes. I would think the pacifier would be a little hard to suck with the tube in his mouth. Erin says he arches his back and rolls over from his stomach already. Evidently he is getting bored in his present situation and trying new things. J Erin also says he seems to realize he is supposed to be eating something, but he will have to wait."

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