Monday, January 05, 2009

A new blog find

I discovered Ivman's blog through Barbara's blog whose blog I found through a blog party or something that was sponsored by Five Minutes for Mom. You know how it goes! Anywayyyyy.....Ivman's blog is worth a look! I love humor. Have to have it. It's like I cannot live a day without laughing or smiling or finding humour in something. Well, Ivman has plenty of humor on his blog, let me tell ya! AND bits of wisdom, some recipes.....a little bit of alot of things. You MUST read his post about the medical field's take on the bailout of the financial giants and the auto industry.


Barbara H. said...

I'm glad you found ivman. I always enjoy him. He started out with an e-mail list that just grew and grew til he started his blog, which I think is a much better solution.

Jewel said...

Yes, he is very refreshing! *smile* I love the humor and bits of wisdom.