Wednesday, May 31, 2006

How am I feeling, you ask?

Okay, you do CARE, don't you??? *pitiful grin* Well, I am going to tell you anyway! *smile* I am doing much better, thank you for asking! LOL
I am still contending with pain and discomfort but I am sleeping better at night and that does make a difference in how I feel overall. I finally got flowers planted today in the flower beds at each end of the house. I still have to do one more flower bed which runs along the front of the house. I'm almost done for the year! And, once I finish this post, I am going to go out and wash my car. Yes, you heard me correctly! I am going to wash my car. Of course, you will read about my condition later. *fingers crossed* *hands folded in prayer* I just have to get more active if I am to get any better, I believe. I have been walking more and more, in little increments, nothing too major and I do see improvement in my physical health. So, I will keep you posted, dear readers. The Lord's best to you all!!

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