Friday, May 05, 2006

Still Among the Living

Happy Friday, Everyone! Okay, okay, I know I'm a little late in the day getting a post up, least I'm here? *feeble grin* Seeing as this is my favorite day of the week, I just had to come and put up a post of some sort. I'm not promising much, so don't get your hopes up. And let me say at the start......this sounds a lot more chipper than I am feeling,k?? *hacking cough* (that's attractive,huh? *grin*)

I have not ventured anywhere since going to the polls on Tuesday. Can you believe that? I did go out and sit on the back porch a couple of times to get some fresh air, though that was as far as I made it. It has been so nice outside this week and I have been sooo sick. I just have to keep reminding myself that there will be alot more beautiful weather to enjoy. You know, though, is it just me or do we all feel like we just have to get outside and enjoy those first wonderful days of spring like we aren't going to have anymore than 2 or 3 them or is it just that we have been in the throes of three or four months of dreary winter weather and we just have to get outside in the sunshine or die???

Ed didn't have to work today. He does private transport for troubled teens. He takes them to a counseling program in Athens. Because of so much sickness among the teachers and students there, they shut REACH down early for the weekend. I don't know if it is the flu or just really bad colds and allergies but it is miserable, let me tell you. One of the young ladies in our youth group has been home yesterday and today with a really bad cold. And this girl never misses school! She has what I have. I am surprised that they haven't closed the schools for some extra days to let kids get well. Maybe they will yet. It is just really bad in this area right now.

Our monthly church dinner is tonight and I am wanting to go out and help in some way but it is probably best if I don't. *sigh* I thought perhaps I could go out and at least scrape trays. (does that sound desperate? *feeble grin*) Well, I do think Ed and I are going to go into town because I need to pick up a few things, like Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and Benadryl. And I am hungry for a good hamburger, so I think I may ask Ed to take me to Lori's Diner because they make the best hamburgers. Not those frozen patties but they patty them out themselves. Ohhhhh, they are sooo good! The first and only time we've ever been there, I ordered a patty melt and I couldn't eat it all! Folks, we're talking ME. Me, who never leaves anything on her plate. It was so 'licious. I'll let you know if we go and if it was as good this time!

I did hair for my two girlfriends early this morning, then rested a bit. Later this morning, I actually got my pantry/closet straightened up. You see, the pantry/ closet is a pantry on one side and it WAS Daniel's closet on the other side. Well, I sorted out more of Daniel's things.....ball cards, old love letters, cards, pictures, etc......and put them in a storage box. There are also a few old board games that I am going to take to VOA and I have a box of stuff for Daniel to take to his house. Now that I have the pantry/closet straightened up, I can finish my hallway closet because there are things that were in it that I can now put in the closet/pantry. It's all a process, as I am sure all of you ladies and Tony know! *grin* (I love you, Tony! I am waiting for the before and after pictures of Seth's room)

After I finished the pantry/closet, I ate a little bit of something......I haven't had much of an appetite, which is nothing short of a miracle......and then I meant to lay down and rest for just a few minutes and ended up sleeping for 2 1/2 hours! I couldn't believe it!! But I know that that is really the best thing I can do to get over this flugey I have. You know, I was just thinking this week about when I was younger and my parents would tell me to rest (God forbid) and take care of myself so I would get well when I was sick. It is only now, some 30 years later that I am actually doing what they told me and amazingly, IT WORKS!! Honestly, I have learned that the best way for me to get well is to rest and drink plenty of liquids. I read somewhere that America is the most sleep-deprived nation in the world. I believe it. Somewhere along the line, we have come to believe that we must occupy every waking minute with some kind of activity. Well, I am well on my way to unlearning that philosophy. I am trying to teach it to some of my friends who are on the fast track but they are moving too fast to hear me, I believe. It is like this: Either you slow down and learn the lesson while you are healthy or you will BE slowed down and learn it the hard way. I speak from experience here.

Okay, I didn't mean to get "preachy" up there,k?? I am going to sign off for now because Ed is ready to "head on into town"....*grin* I may post again later! Take care, everyone and have a great weekend!!


Tony said...

You ain't gettin no before and after pictures honey. I just couldn't go back in there Jewel, you just don't understand what a mess it was.

Jewel said...

Alrrriiiiighhhhttt.....if you say so. So, did you get the new bookcase and did you get the mess all straightened out???

Tony said...

Do you actually think Miss OCD (Becky) would have let me let that mess just lay there? New book case is in, books are cleaned up, all is well with the world.

Jewel said...

I didn't know Becky was she really???? I think I almost used to be but not any more. I've been delivered. Thank the Lord. I'm serious, Tony. I used to obssess about things but I've learned it just isn't worth it and that isn't how the Lord wants me to live. "Peace, Peace, wonderful peace, coming down from the Father above...."