Monday, May 01, 2006

I need more than a nose mitten!

I have contracted a cold from someone, somewhere, somehow and I am feeling prettyyyyyy miserable and it is such a beautiful day outside and I have soooo much I need to gone done! Heeellllppppp..........

I am in the process of making TWO Mexican Wedding Cakes, one for the voting polls and one for my church, which is a voting place and they are serving lunch to the public tomorrow. The other cake is to take with me to the polling place where I will be working....*groannnnnn*. I am also in the process of cooking chicken for making Rotel Chicken which is absolutely delicious on any other day, but todayyyyyyyy......I can hardly bear to move. I don't have a fever. I just ache around my shoulders and neck, sneeze quite a bit and have drainage and a cough, squinchy, watery eyes. Sounds lovely, eh??? And noooooo, I won't be posting a picture of myself in this condition, so forget it!!! And that is final! *weak grin*
You know, though, one thing about having this rotten back doesn't seem to be hurting me nearly as badly as it normally does. Go figure......*said in a really whiney voice* Aren't we just miserable creatures when we are sick??? *feeble grin* It is only out of the sheer goodness of my heart that I am posting today because I will be out of commission here tomorrow, for my day at the polls starts at 5:30am and will not finish until 8:15pm. I will be meeting the other workers this evening at six to set up the polling place. That should take about an hour and then I will come back home and take my sick self to bed. The only thing is, is that the night before an election I just don't sleep very well because I am thinking about all of the little details of the voting machines, the tallying at the end of the day, wondering if we'll have any problems, etc., etc., etc. It always turns out fine, really it does, but my sleep the night before is seldom restful. Please pray for me that I will feel much better tomorrow and that I have a good night's sleep Jesus' name. (thank you for listening to me whine.....*feeble grin*)

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