Friday, May 19, 2006

An Update On The Animal Farm

See this cat? Well, she is no more.....literally. She was Roxie, our grand-kitty. As you will recall, if you read my blog regularly, she had gotten out of the house (Daniel and Erin's) accidentally. But then, what cat wouldn't want out of the house if it had to live with three crazy dogs??? (pictured on the other side of Roxie over there.) Well, Erin was coming home from work early one morning and she saw a black furry something splattered on the road, so she turned around went back and, sure enough, it was Roxie. Poor Roxie. Daniel went back later that morning with a shovel to get her,(he wanted to give her a proper burial) but she was gone!!! Scavengers, vultures, or the highway workers had gotten to her first. *sighhhhhh* We'll not forget you Roxie. You were our FIRST grandkitty.

Ode to Roxie:
She wasn't striped,
Or exactly spotted,
She was a splotchy thing,
Not solid or dotted.

If she had any talents,
I'm afraid they were obscured,
By that trio of dogs,
Who'd do anything,
Even the absurd.

So you might have missed her,
If you went to visit,
The dogs stole the limelight,
They were always in it.

But we'll remember Roxie,
Our first grandkitty,
And it is in her honor,
That I composed this loving ditty.

The End. (of this poem and of Roxie)


Rebecca said...

Roxie died? That's awful! I loved her!!! (Only met her once, but still) That's terrible

Theresa said...

Poor Roxie! Give my condolences to Erin and Daniel. It hurts so much to lose a pet, but it really hurts when you don't have the opportunity to say, "Good-bye". :(