Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend

Hello Everyone! At's about time! I know, I know, I have really been lagging on the blogger front. I don't know what's wrong with me....*sighhhh* I haven't even been turning the computer on some days. Perhaps it is because of the nice, though hot, weather, hm? about this Da Vinci code controversy. I do have something to say. Read my lips: IT IS A WORK OF FICTION, PEOPLE!!!! Hellooooooo!! It was never meant to be taken as FACT! Dan Brown writes fiction: something invented by the imagination or feigned; specifically : an invented story. Source: I just don't understand all of the hype and hub-bub over this book. Ed read it twice because he thought it was so interesting. But then, Ed has read all of Louis Lamour's book twice and is starting on his third read of them. I have never read a book twice. I know the general story of the Da Vinci Code as Ed told it to me, but I look at it this way: I know the truth about Jesus. It is in my Bible. I've read it many, many times and I accept it as infallible. That settles it for me. I suppose alot of people find it hard to believe that it could be that simpe. But, for me, it is.

Ed has read all of Dan Brown's books and I have read two of them: Digital Fortress and Deception Point. I started to read the Da Vinci Code but just wasn't in the mood to read or it just didn't catch my interest or something. I have to be in the mood to read fiction, too. His stories are fast-paced and hold your attention, believe me. If you are planning to start one of them, forget about doing much else.

Now, back to my post-Memorial Day Weekend post. :-) It was actually pretty uneventful. Sometimes I am guilty of getting all hyped up over an upcoming holiday and I think of all of these great, grand things we can do and then I realize: what could be better than just taking the days as they come, relaxing, enjoying family and eachother? And that is what we did. Friday evening, we waited until about 9pm and then we went grocery shopping. We came home and watched a movie and stayed up later than usual. (You're looking at two people who are usually in bed by 10:30pm each night :-o) We were home most of the day Saturday, doing things around the house.

My sister Debbie called me at 6am Sunday morning! Oh, joy and gladness! Excuse the sarcasm please, but I was sleeping really well, okay??? Well, she had been up since 4am and held off calling me until 6. She wanted to know if we would pick her up for church and of course, I said we would but next time, don't call before 7, at least. You see, she is taking steroids for her congested lungs and the steroids can sometimes mess up your sleep, someone told me. Thankfully, they are weaning her off of them this week, so hopefully she will be sleeping better and more, which means she won't be calling me AT THE BREAK OF DAY!! Sheesh! She called our brother Bill at 5:30am so I guess I shouldn't be complaining too much. Whatever..........*grin*

Sunday afternoon, Ed and I decided to pack a bag and just take off and see where the road would take us. So we called pastor and asked to be excused from service and hit the road. Of course, we had to stop and see Daniel and Erin on our way. We had a good visit with them and the grand-doggies and Brian, Erin's brother. We drove to Pomeroy, Ohio, which I think is such a pretty little town right on the Ohio river. I have childhood memories of mom and dad taking us kids for a ride to Pomeroy on a Sunday afternoon. One particular Sunday, we drove on past Pomeroy where they ferried cars across the river to Ravenswood, W.VA. for $2. That was so neat! Sitting in the car as we floated downriver on this ferry to the other side! Once in Ravenswood, we (there were five of us kids) all went into this big grocery store and mom and dad bought lunchmeat and bread, pop and chips and so on. Then we went to a nearby park and had a picnic. It is one of my fondest memories. Later, dad drove us back to Pomeroy and we all walked across the big river bridge. That was pretty awesome! Simple times, great fun.

Anywayyyyy.....Ed and I drove onto Gallopolis and found a quaint little motel and checked in. I had taken some magazines to read, bought the Sunday paper, picked up some literature on the surrounding area and settled in to read and relax and I did just that. Later, we went out to eat and drove around the town. We found a beautiful park in the center of town, which was right on the banks of the Ohio river. There were a couple of really neat black wrought iron swings along the bank and we sat in one of those and enjoyed the weather and the view. It was such a relaxing time away. The next morning, we slept in but eventually hit the road for home, driving up through Rio Grand and Jackson toward Logan. As we were driving through some of these little towns, Gallopolis included, we would see the small bands getting ready to march and the fire trucks lining up for their respective Memorial Day parades and people taking their places along the parade route, sitting in their chairs, waving their little flags. It was a lovely touch of Americana up close.

Needless to say, when we arrived home, we could hear Ellie meowing before we saw her. *grin* While we were gone, we called like 4 times and talked to her through the answering service. Are we pathetic or what? *feeble grin*

So there you have a synopsis of our wild weekend, folks! LOL You were expecting something more? *smile* The Lord is good. Oh, Daniel and Erin called later Monday evening and asked us to come down. They had worked in their yard and in the house and I think they wanted us to see all that they had accomplished. So we drove down and had such a nice visit with them. We played a couple of games of Euchre. We are tied at 2-all. Me and Ed against Daniel and Erin. It's nice to see them take pride in their home. They are doing so well and are so happy. Daniel will be finished with school for the year soon and will be working full-time at McDonald's then. His manager would like for him to become a shift manager. We'll see where that goes. Erin will be taking her state-boards in June for massage therapy. She has a couple of new job prospects that look promising.

Well, I believe I will end this lengthy post. I will endeavor to post on a more regular basis this week,k? Stay cool, everyone! We should get a reprieve from this heat during the next few days! ((HUGS)) to you all!!


Donnie said...

I have sooooo many old age smart alek comments that I am keeping to myself. This is the love of a son!

Jewel said...

I am impressed with your strength of self-control, dear Donnie. *smile* Thank you for your kindness and consideration. Signed, An-Almost-Old-Person ;-)