Saturday, July 18, 2009

What to do!?!?!? *yawwwnnnnn*

Well, here it is....Saturday.....I have so many things that I COULD/SHOULD do, but, alas, I can't get myself motivated. *yawn*
I am up and at 'em every other day of the week and I keep telling myself that I deserve a do-nothing kind of morning. (The afternoon is going to be busy!...a birthday party AND a wedding! :-0)
Ellie, the kitty of the house, woke me up at her usual 5:45AM, but I was sort of awake anyway. Not being able to lay there any longer, I got up and made coffee, fed and watered Ellie, and got my morning started.
It is now 9:28 and I've done nothing....nada. zilch. And I'm feeling pretty good about it. ;-)
Oh, I did crawl back into bed, once Ed got up, and I sprawled out and just dozed about for awhile but I am back up and here, as you can read.
Yesterday was Daniel's Friday off and he asked me to watch Jaylon while he went golfing. When he came to pick Jaylon up, Jaylon was napping. Daniel is the only parent I know who wakes his baby froom a nap so he can play with him and talk to him.... and he did!!! Jaylon wakes up with a smile on his face! So while they played, I sat on the bed and Daniel and I talked about this and that for some time and played with the baby.
Daniel asked me rather abruptly: "Mom, don't you have anyone to talk to?" And I asked him why he asked me that. He said because I talked to him so nonstop while he was here. Well, I told him that I have plenty of people to talk to....Ed, dear friends, sisters, brothers....but I looooove talking to him and it's so seldom that we get one-on-one time to talk and visit. You're my son, my baby! In just the same way that you love to talk and play with Jaylon, I feel that same way about you, even if you are 23!!!!! Well, okay, I'm not going to be tossing you up into the air any time soon or some of that other stuff that you only do with babies but you get the idea. Then he understood...well, as much as an adult child can, but should the Lord tarry, and Jaylon be an adult one day, Daniel will understand.
I learned a new song this week for the wedding that I am doing this afternoon. The bride gave me a CD copy of the song so I could learn it this week. I didn't know the artist or title until I played it for Daniel. He said it is Phil Vassar and the song is "Like I Never Loved Before". What a beautiful song!!! I will be singing/playing it after the bridal party has come into the sanctuary and is in place but the bride and father are standing in the doorway waiting to come down the aisle, as she looks at her husband-to-be standing at the altar waiting for her.
Wellllll.....we did this last night at rehearsal and it was all I could do to get through the song! *whew*

I guess I gave myself to someone,
Maybe a time or two,
I tried, I went through the motions,
What was I supposed to do,
I spun my wheels, I wasted so much time,
And then with you I finally got it right.

It's like I never loved before,
Like I never saw the sun,
Or felt the rainfall on my face,
It's like it's never ever been,
I can't imagine life without you anymore,
It feels just like I never loved before.

I never talked about forever,
Now it's not long enough,
Who's that guy lookin' in the mirror,
Cause it's not the man I was,
I only know I tremble when we kiss,
I'm making up for everything I missed.

I ran around in circles,
I never knew...
I was only getting ready for you.

It's like I never loved before,
Like I never saw the sun,
Or felt the rainfall on my face,
It's like it's never ever been,
I can't imagine life without you anymore,
It feels just like I never loved before.

I'd post a YouTube video of the song but I am not able to view it first but do go have a listen yourself. It's a beautiful song!
When I sing these songs at weddings or wherever, I always sing them for Ed. I told him that one time and he gave me the sweetest smile. It's true...I do! He's the love of my to the Lord! And he's okay with that! *smile*
ANDDDD lastly! How about that Tom Watson at the British Open! Booyahhhhhhh!!!!!! He's tied for the lead!! How great is that?!?!??!?!? HERE is a very good article about it!!!


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!!


Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

I would have loved to have done nothing by 9:28. If I HAD done that, I would have been FIRED, because I had to work today. I can't remember the last time I worked a Saturday. Lucky You.

Barbara H. said...

I think you deserve a morning to wake up slowly and just "chill." :-) My Saturdays mornings are usually that way, too - no alarm clocks, usually, and I love it! Funny how "sleeping in" was 10 or noon when I was a teen and now it is 7 or 8.

I know what you mean about talking with adult kids. Even though mine are still at home (until the wedding!!) sometimes we're all coming and going, and it's nice to sit down and really connect.

I hope the song went well! I am sure it did.

Jewel said...

Hi Sir! Working Saturdays stinks, though I've worked plenty of them in my lifetime. I'm thankful that I don't have to any more. Well, actually, I do, in a way, but thankfully it is just here at home or doing something I want to do! *smile*
Hey, Barbara! Yes, my Saturday mornings are usually free and slow-going, too, which I am ready for after early mornings all week!
And it is so neat to have adult conversations with Daniel now. I love talking with him and being crazy, too!
The song went wonderfully though I had a REALLY difficult time getting through it without crying. *whew* I did choke up a couple of times.