Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I did it!!

I managed to go to the first night of family camp last night AND get up this morning and leave on time to help Ed AND I've not felt to worse for the wear in doing it all!
Jaylon has really taken a long nap this afternoon, so I managed to get about an hour's nap in myself. Ed and I may go to camp tonight which would really be nice....just me and the hubs, enjoying the drive, relaxing. AND they have the best subs in the dining hall after service! Ed and I always split one because they are pretty big. AND they have a works bar for them and we load them down with everything! I always look forward to going to the dining hall after service, not just to eat but to see so many people that I don't get to see any other time or very often!
Another very awesome thing is to see the young men who were campers when I was a dorm supervisor, who are now ministers and pastors. How wonderful it is to see that they have allowed the Lord to direct their paths and they are endeavoring to do His will. And it isn't just the pastors that count, though theirs is an awesome job, but it is also those who are ministers and teachers because they encourage the pastors and admonish the saints. Each person's calling is so important to the kingdom of God. A pastor cannot do it all for his saints or himself even. It is so necessary that he allows other men of God to minister and teach his saints. Many times they will receive teaching and intruction from another minister easier than they will from their pastor. (Remember, we can be a fickle bunch! :-0 And we can be so quick to criticize those Israelites in the wilderness!)
ANDDDDD....on a lighter note......I love seeing all of the different hairstyles and clothes, though I am getting to be one of the "older crowd" and the younger styles just don't appeal to me. I've entered the comfortable and nice-looking group. *smile* And I'm liking it ALOT!
I asked a friend from church to go to camp with me last night. We've known each other for years and she is a sweetheart but until last night, I don't know that we've ever done anything together one-on-one. I wondered how it would go and we had a wonderful time!! We talked all the way up and back. Hard to believe, hm? *smile* It is about a 45-minute to an hour drive to Buckeye Lake from our house, so it is nice to have some good conversation on the way! :-) This friend is just a sweetheart and she reminded me that I prayed her through many years ago. My, my.....it brought tears to my eyes and does so even now. I also was privileged to teach her dear mother a home bible study and I've prayed with her many times. He older sister has been coming to church for about two months now and we are going to begin a bible study with her as soon as she can work out a time for us to have it. We can never give up on our loved ones coming to the Lord because this precious friend of mine has been coming to church for years and it has only been in the last three years that her mother, who is 74, has come in and now her sister, who is 55. "As long as Jesus lives, there is hope!"


Barbara H. said...

I'm so glad you got to go! Hope you can again tonight. The food and fellowship afterward sounds wonderful too.

Jewel said...

Hi Barbara! Well....we decided not to go tonight as Ed has had an extremely busy day and just didn't feel up to going but we will definitely be heading north tomorrow night! *smile*

ClassyMomma said...

Enjoyed your post tonight and the pic of your sweet granddaughter. You must be so proud!!