Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just call me Gimpy

Well.....my left knee has been hurting and giving me some difficulty for the past few months. But it has gradually worsened for some reason and I've had to start using my cane again when it is really bad. Sooooooo, I finally made an appointment yesterday with Dr. Kaufman, as Joint Implant, Inc. (they did my hip replacements) no longer accepts our insurance. Dr. Kaufman is here in Logan, so that IS a plus.
I'll be going in for x-rays this week but my appointment with the doctor is not until Aug. 13! I wish I had not waited so long, but, oh well. They assured me that they would call if they had a cancellation between now and then.
I just can't believe this!!! My knee, I mean. Maybe I won't have to have a replacement. Perhaps it will only require an injection, which I've heard quite a few people say has really helped them!
My right knee is fine, amazingly. Thankfully.
I just want to get this fixed as soon as possible so that my "gimpiness" doesn't throw something else in my body off and cause it to go on the blink! Like my good right knee or make my back worse or....or....or whatever else could go wrong!!!! Argh!!!
Oh, but it could be so much worse, I know, so I'll not complain any further!
No, I'll just gimp along with a smile and thank the Lord for His abundant goodness to me!!!
Oh, but I do remember those days when I used to wear gorgeous heels and glide along so gracefully.....*sigh*....."Those were the days, my friend.....We thought they'd never end....We'd sing and dance forever and a day!!!" *sighhhhhhh*


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Praying that is really is nothing serious. :0)

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Barbara H. said...

I'm sorry, Jewel. I hope it is nothing serious. A lady in my church had double knew replacement surgery but it was a long time before she got to that point -- they did injections and such before that.

Jewel said...

Hey, Barbara and Mrs. NB....Well, I surely hope that it isn't too serious but I have to be honest and say that it FEELS pretty serious. *sigh* and if I need to have a replacement, I'll just do it!! I have a great nurse to take care of me as I recover...ED!!! :-) And I mean, how much worse can it be than two hip replacements??? *whine*