Monday, July 13, 2009

This and that

Well, Jaylon has gone home for the night and I am wondering what to do with myself. Taking a shower, washing my hair, and going to be to read is sounding reallly good. But then I think perhaps I should wash my kitchen and living room windows or possibly clean the front bathroom. I have a few dishes that need washed and a load of towels that need folded and put away. What to do. It is such a beautiful evening out. I could go lounge on the porch and get caught up on my B.R.E.A.D. progam. It would be a nice evening for a walk. Hmmmm, I could watch a movie with Ed. I have two DVR'd that we could watch.
Only time will tell what I end up doing, but the first option is really tickling my fancy. :-)
I marinated steaks today and grilled them out for our dinner. I also made us a delicious salad and baked potato. Jaylon had Hawaiian Delight and Beef and Noodle Dinner while he ogled our food. :-) He is soooo funnny. When he is REALLY hungry, as soon as I sit down with his food and his little spoon, he sits there holding his little mouth open like a little bird. It is sooooo adorable!!! :-) AND when he is ready to take a nap and wanting his bottle, if you hold it out and let him see it, he opens his little mouth and does this thing that is kind of a laugh/cry/whine combination. It is funnnnyyyyyy!!! :-)
Here is a picture of him in his newest toy, though it isn't ACTUALLY new but it is to him and he loves it!

I played my keyboard and sang at the Lilyfest yesterday afternoon from 1-2:00. I had not performed there for 4 or 5 years because of my health problems but when contacted this year about doing one hour in the afternoon, I thought I could manage that.
I do music at church all of the time but the closer it got to the Lilyfest, the more nervous I became about doing it, which was kind of silly of me, I guess. It's just that it had been awhile and most of the music is folk/appalachian/country style. Mine is easy-listening/love songs, i.e. Killing Me Softly/Roberta Flack, The Rose/Bette Midler, Annie's Song/John Denver, Somewhere Out There/Disney, Forever's As Far As I'll Go/ Alabama...just to name a few. Everything went very well, I received alot of compliments and I enjoyed performing so much. You don't really have an audience sitting in front of you, per se. People are strolling through the beautiful gardens and perusing the artisans' wares while the music is being played and so on. There are benches scattered about the grounds where people can sit and people do stop to listen. The sound system was awesome and the music and singing carries out over the small valley where the Lilyfest is held. I thoroughly enjoyed it all! :-)
After performing at the Lilyfest, I came home, showered, took a nap and headed back to church where I did music for the evening service and Ed and I sang. An elderly lady who has been coming to church for some time with her husband, was baptized in Jesus' Name last night!! It was so awesome!! She is such a sweet little thing and it just touches my heart so especially to see older people find the Lord and surrender their lives to Him and fall in love with Him!
Daniel called us this morning and asked us to pray for him as he and his co-workers had just received an email saying that 35 salaried workers were going to be laid off today, not just at the Lancaster office/plant but in all of the offices/plants across the country. He did not get laid off. At least not in this round. But he told us that it was one of the worst experiences he has ever had. He said there is no apparent rhyme or reason as to who they choose to lay off or why. He said that throughout the day, men and women were called into HR and given the news. Most had more time in than Daniel. A couple of people didn't. He said there were alot of tears. And I believe he said that there were to be more lay-offs in time, so we will just have to wait and see and pray.
Ed and I have been there. Would you believe Ed has gone through THREE plant closings in our 23 years of marriage AND numerous lay-offs and job cuts BUT he has never been without some sort of income and has always been blessed to be able to find another good job. Even now, he has an excellent part-time job doing private transport for our local school system. He is officially retired but he will, no doubt, always do something part-time as long as he is able. That is just Ed. :-)
Our monthly ladies' meeting is tomorrow night and I am supposed to take a dessert. A main dish would be so much easier for me as I am not a dessert person BUT I think I am going to make the red, white and blue trifle that I made for the church picnic or possibly the fruit salad that I made for my uncle's birthday bash!
Hope you've had a good Monday! It has been a beeeyoooootiful one here in Ohio!!! :-)


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I love your random post! I am always amazed at the gifts and talents that God gives everyone. I know that your gift of music blesses many...cause some of us WISH we had it...sigh...

Have a terrific week!

Oh, and is it just me, or does Jaylon just get cuter and cuter?!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Barbara H. said...

You know, I am just the opposite -- I'd much rather make a dessert to take than a main dish. We should team up. :-)

Living through lay-offs is so awful. My husband has been through that, too. Somehow by God's grace he's never been cut, but it spreads such gloom through the company because you just never know who it will be. It's especially bad when they spread it out over time -- it's like literally waiting for the ax to fall. You wish they'd just get it all over with at once.

It's neat that you got to play and that you and Ed got to sing!

Too funny about Jaylon!

Jewel said...

Hi Mrs.NB! I am just thankful that I am able to bless and comfort people with the gift that the Lord has so graciously given me. I truly am.
And YES....he does just keep getting cuter!!! :-)
Hi Barbara! Well, my pastor wife and I sometimes switch but it didn't work out this time! :-)
We continue to pray for Daniel and for those who have already been laid off. I'm so thankful that we can lean and rely on Him to know what is best for us and to know that no matter what befalls us, He is able to sustain us!
Oh, Ed and I do sing fairly often. He has such a nice voice. I call him my Perry Como! :-)