Monday, June 25, 2007

Spur of the moment? Me?

Hello, everyone! Well, Daniel started his new job this morning. He is going to stop by on his way home from work to let us know how his day went and also so his dad can help him with a small car repair. We went out with Daniel and Erin after church to Applebee's in Athens and had a fun time with them and some other people from their church!

We had a wonderful service at church last night and had several first-time visitors! The Lord is good!

Okay, are you sitting down? Wellllll......a girlfriend and I are flying out of Dayton in the morning....6:03am to be exact......heading for Bangor, Maine, where we are going to attend their campmeeting for three nights! Can you believe it? I know, I know.....what brought this on? Well, her parents, who attend our church, are there....they drove up this past Thursday....... and her uncle is a presbyter in the district. Sooooo, she asked me if I was interested in going and after tossing it around overnight, I got up this morning and thought....why not???? So, I've been busy re-arranging my week and so on, getting some last minute things done here at home, and also packing and all I really want to do is take a nap! *feeble grin* But I am excited about going. This is the same young lady that drove me to the music workshop a few months ago. Remember???? Well, I told her the only way I would go is if I was driving. We are leaving from Dayton, which is where the music workshop was, too. Anywayyyy......I AM driving. *grin*

Our family get-together was this past Saturday and we had such a great time. Bethany and Drew look happy as larks and she is so cute expecting their little baby! We also celebrated Bud and Bill's 60th birthdays! We couldn't THAT milestone go by without notice! *smile* We played our customary family bingo with the usual cheesy, tacky prizes, but the kids love it AND I can't believe how the adults even play with such fervor, hoping to win! It's hilarious!

Of course, after it was all over with, I was done in. But what a good "done-in" it was!!!

Soooooo, this is the last blogging I will be doing until Friday, unless I should have access to a computer while in Maine. Oh yes, we are staying with Bro. and Sis. Charles Hurst. He is the presbyter. I've met them once when they came through Logan and Bro. Hurst preached Sunday services for us. Oh, and they and the other couple don't know that I'm coming. They think it is only Stacy coming. Surprise, surprise!!! *smile* Well, I HOPE they are happy I've showed up. *grin* I'll let you know!!

Have a great week and stay cool!!! It's gonna be hot here in southeastern Ohio!!! 90's!!


The Muffin said...



I want a vacation!

Stace said...

Sounds like an adventure! I'm with The Muffin on this one, I need a holiday too! Have a great time!

Theresa said...

Have a great time! Don't forget to post about it when you get home.

Aidan said...

HAve fun:) This is what life is all about taking oppurtunity learning and living. The greatest gift ever is life, i am amazed how many people Squander it...

I look forward to hearing your adventures:)


Jewel said...

Hi everyone!! Thanks for stopping by! I am about to post about my Maine adventure!!! ((HUGS TO ALL))