Monday, June 18, 2007

Prayer List Typo

It could only happen to me! :-/ My dear friend, Arlene, submitted my name to be put on New Life's prayer list which was mailed out last week. Soooooo.....when our mutual friend, Pat, came to have her hair done this past Friday, she laid this paper on the table, telling me I needed to read it and there it was:

Jewel Cavinee: Healing-severe and disabling back and him problems.

HIM problems??? Helloooooo. *grin* Not having any HIM problems here. LOL

I about died when I read THAT! I immediately called Arlene and she was laughing already when she picked up the phone. I asked her if she was trying to start rumors or sumthin'! It was so hilarious! Anywayyyyy......she promised to head off any questions, gossip or the like! Thank you, dear friend, for the prayer request and for running interference as to any questions that might arise concerning my HIM problems. *smile*

(Oh, and just to be safe, I asked my HIM if there were any problems that I wasn't aware of and he assured me there weren't. *grin* I have the best HIM in the world! The Lord is so good!)


Barbara H. said...

Oh, that is so funny! I'm so glad you're not having him problems. :) But I am so sorry for the pain you've been having.

Jewel said...

*smile* Well, at least I can keep laughing, hm, Barbara? And that does help so much. I appreciate your prayers.