Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wonderful News!!!

Daniel is now employed as a draftsman at Diamond Power in Lancaster, Ohio!! Full-time, full benefits, great salary, and paid college if he wishes to continue part-time. I've hardly stopped crying and rejoicing and thanking the Lord since he called and told us yesterday afternoon! I asked Daniel if he realized how blessed and favored of God he is. Of course, he said yes. He starts his new job next Monday. He has the option to work either 7am-3pm or 8am-4pm. Also, if he works an extra hour each day, he will get a Friday off every other week, too, so that sounds good to me! Erin was in the shower when he received the call, so he wrote her a note and stuck it in shower and when she read it, she screamed! *smile* I am so happy for them! Erin has work 10pm-7pm full-time at Walmart for two years faithfully and now she will be able to go to dayshift there, though she will take a cut in pay, but they will be on a normal schedule and not be on such a tight budget. God is soooo good and faithful. They've invited us down for a cookout tomorrow evening (Thursday). I'll try to take pics and post them later!

Also, Daniel is teaching the youth class tonight at their church. There are three or four young men teaching a series of lessons over the next several Wednesdays. Daniel is teaching on repentance. He called me last night and was talking about his studying for the lesson. He was so excited about the Word of the Lord and realizing just how important repentance is in our salvation and walk with the Lord. One thing he said that really touched me was that he didnt' realize the enormous importance of repentance. Wow. He stirred me up when he said that and I've begun to study on repentance. When he studies like this, he always calls me and asks me for suggestions, pointers and input. He says I should have been a teacher or preacher and I told him that I AM a teacher. *smile* (I'm helping him. *tears*) I remember teaching the youth class for so many years , pouring myself into them, seeing the hunger in their faces. Endeavouring to instill in them a love for God and His word. Daniel was in that class. What a privilege.


Theresa said...

I am sooooo excited for Daniel!!! I love when God answers prayer and pours out blessings! Tell him "Hi!" for me.

Jewel said...

Thanks, Theresa! Yes, things are going so well for him and I will certainly tell him "HI" for you!! ((HUGS))