Tuesday, June 05, 2007

One or two things to share

One of my asiatic lilies finally blossomed over the weekend. Isn't it gorgeous? Just thought I'd share it with you! There are several more ready to bloom and some of those are orange. I'll post pictures of them once they have bloomed.


My sisters, Bev and Debbie, and my sisters-in-law and I went out to La Cascada yesterday evening for Cheryl's birthday. Cheryl is in the back on the right. Okay, here we go: The front row from left to right is: Me, my sisters, Debbie and Bev. In the back, we have my sisters-in-law, Sandy and Cheryl. We had a very good time, visiting and eating and catching up with each other's families.


Ronda Hurst said...

Beautiful Flower!
And aren't sisters the greatest. Glad you had a good time.

Jewel said...

Thanks, Sis. Hurst. The others are just about to "burst forth with blooming". And yes, sisters are the best! We have so much fun together. How I cherish them, especially being the "baby sister" that I am. *smile*