Friday, June 29, 2007


*WHEW!* Talk about a whirlwind trip! Stacy and I left my house at 2am Tuesday morning and drove to Dayton where our flight left at 6am. And wouldn't you know it? The metal detector beeped when I went through! Grrrr!! Soooooo, this very nice lady asked me to step over in front of this screen. She proceeded to tell me that she was going to "wand" me and then pat me down. Sooooo, she went over my upper body and then asked me if I could please spread my legs. Ummmm......not so much these days. *feeble grin* So then she asked me if I could just slide one foot forward a little bit, which I managed to do. To make a long story short.....I was clean, but I do appreciate that they do their job so thoroughly and they were very cordial and considerate, even if Stacy did stand there and laugh her fool head off at me!!!
We arrived in Detroit at 7am, where we had a two-hour layover. Of course, I had my trusty walker with me, so we just loaded all of our "stuff" on it and explored the airport for awhile and had breakfast. The time went pretty quickly. We arrived in Bangor, Maine shortly after 11am and got a taxi to Bro. and Sis. Hurst's, which is only a short distance from the airport.
I promise you.....we no sooner got in the house, than they said, "Let's go!" *groooooaaannn* I was soooo tired! But we loaded up into two vehicles and headed for Camden, Maine, which is about 35 miles from Bangor. It is a seaside resort town and soooo lovely. Now, I've never see Dark Shadows but here is a picture of the house/castle/whatever where they filmed it. It is on the oceanfront, though you can't see that in this pic.

We ate at a lovely restaurant on the harbor. I had a huge bowl of their famous fish chowder. It was absolutely to die for! The Hursts highly recommended it but I thought...."Okay....chowder.....lots of potatoes, vegetables, a bit of fish here and there." But, noooooo! Luscious, huge chunks of fish in a buttery soup with just the right touch of vegetables. It was yummmmmy!!
We then walked about the downtown area, checking out all of the little shops and so on. The drive home was so much fun! We sang and harmonized and laughed and sang oldies and laughed, took pictures of the beautiful scenery and sang and laughed. I was exhausted when we got home. But then it was: "Get your showers and get ready for church! We have to leave in ten minutes!!" WHAT????? I about died! But! I obeyed.
You see, Maine's campmeeting was this week and that is the MAIN (no pun intended...LOL) reason why we went!
So we all headed for campmeeting which is just outside of Bangor. Bro. Eli Hernandez was the camp evangelist. The services were wonderful! The worship and presence of the Lord was so strengthening and rich. Bro. Alan Abbey, district superintendent of California was the morning speaker and his messages were profound. He and his wife travelled to Camden with us. Poor people....*grin* Nooooo.....seriously.....they did have alot of fun with us! We all had fun together!!
Sooooo, between going to camp in the morning, going out to lunch, doing a few things and then heading back to church in the evening, they days were full and well-spent! And we went out to eat each night after service. Wednesday night, the rich glory of the Lord was in our midst and many were healed of numerous afflictions. The Lord definitely touched me and I feel so much stronger in my back and legs. The pain level has diminished greatly and I am trusting the Lord to continue His healing work in me!!!
On the way to Maine, I could hardly maneuver onto the automated walkways. I call them people movers. I used them but it really hurt to get on them. BUT, on the return trip, I was getting on and off of those things like it was nothing!!! To God be the Glory!! I'll keep you posted as to my progress!!
Our flight left Bangor at about 4:15 Thursday afternoon and we pulled into my driveway at about 2am Friday morning. Needless to say, I was tired, but it was a good tired. I'm so glad to be home, but Ellie (the cat) is still in the process of snubbing me for leaving her for three days, but Rocky is thrilled that I'm home!! *grin* So is Ed! *smile*
I'll share more little tidbits with you in the days ahead! It was so much fun! I hope you all have had a great week and managed to stay cool in the terrible heat and humidity, though we did get some much-needed rain yesterday, lasting through late morning here.


Theresa said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Glad you're back.

Stace said...

Wow, sounds like a fantastic trip! That's what life is about - you need to grab it by the balls, so to speak, and just enjoy it! Do things on the spur of the moment, and never have cause for regret! :)

Just at the moment I'm learning to ride a motorbike - it was an idea I've been talking about for AGES, but finally I just said to myself, "If I don't do it now, I'll only be talking about it forever and one day I'll regret not doing it when I was younger", so here I am!

I must say, I really admire your attitude to life, and the way you keep active and do so much! It depresses me that so many "older" people (no offence intended!) seem to die inside their own heads, and that makes their bodies deteriorate... I know of people the same age as my parents who consider themselves too old to do anything, but both my parents are really fit and active and still working. It's all about attitude, and how you think of yourself. I believe that nobody starts to really get old until they've given up on themselves - sadly too many people give up in their 30's and go downhill from there.

That was a really long way of saying that you rock!

Barbara H. said...

I can just picture you being wanded. :) It's amazing how many times they stop older ladies who look nothing like terrorists, lol!!

Glad you're back safe and sound. :)

Jewel said...

Hi Theresa! Yes, I am safely back home!
Well, Stace, I do try to stay active and doing things and going places, though I have to push through the pain many times...okay, most of the time...*feeble grin*...but I just won't give up! I can't! And thank you for saying...."I rock"! LOL
You are right, Barbara, I definitely do not look like a terrorist, though if they wanted to disguise themselves really well, they might try looking like me! LOL

Gene Holley, Jr. said...

The pictures look awesome! We have always wanted to take a vacation to that area of the country. Glad you had fun!

Jewel said...

Hi, Bro. Holley! You just have to make the plans and do it! My husband has always wanted to travel to New England, too, and now I've told him that we just HAVE to! We may wait until next year when they have camp again and then drive up.

Jewel said...
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