Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hair dilemma!

Okay...first of all......I have a forehead that you can show home movies on. It is huge. And white. Sooooo, for several years I have taken the short hair that grows around my hairline, curled it, teased it, fluffed it and fashioned curls or bangs of it to kind of cover my forehead. BUT.....with the advent of hot, humid weather, they can be a real pain because I perspire, a.k.a. sweat, my forehead gets a bit oily and they just kind of get in the way, you know? Sooooo, I've tried fixing my hair a few different ways, but it is just so difficult to change a hairstyle!!! Do you girls know what I am talking about???? I look soooooo "foreign" to myself without something covering a bit of my forehead! I just don't look like ME! What to do, what to do! I do use a bit of pressed powder on my forehead in this hot, sticky weather to keep my hair from sticking to my forehead (doesn't THAT sound attractive?). I've threatened to just skin my hair back off my face and be done with it, but I don't have the courage. *feeble grin* I mean, I want to look presentable and fairly attractive. Plus, I don't want to blind people with my glaring white forehead. Would you believe that several.....okay, many, many years ago at this one place that I worked, they took up a collection in the department where I worked, to send me to a tanning salon to get my white forehead tanned????? LOL THEY DID!! It was so funny! I had lifted the hair up off my forehead to wipe the perspiration off and one of my co-workers yelled, "Jewel, put your hair back down, you're blinding me!" She then proceeded to take up the collection. It was a hoot! Well, I signed up for tanning sessions but had to stop after the first few because I was just too sensitve to do it. I burned and broke out in little bumps and itched like crazy. They started me out at TWO MINUTES!! Gosh, it was hardly worth getting undressed for! I never got past eight minutes! *sighhhhh* I sit with my white forehead and curls/bangs. But I do feel better, having gotten it off my chest. *grin*

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