Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What is going on????

It is 86 DEGREES here today! It is March! In Ohio! We have our central air on! Oh, don't get me wrong....the weather is absolutely gorgeous. I have been sitting out on the porches off and on all day enjoying the loveliness of spring, but I've just never known it to be this nice this early in the year in my lifetime.

Okay, now on to update you as to my health. And thanks to all of you who have left messages and all. I appreciate it so much. I am feeling better, but still kind of weakly. I finally felt human by last Friday. Soooo.....a young lady from church and I had registered for a music workshop which was being held in Dayton, Ohio. I couldn't not go, so off we went Saturday to Dayton. Well, this young lady said that she would drive which I thought was a grand idea. I would just ride along, sip coffee, perhaps read a little on the way, perhaps catch a short nap and enjoy the trip. Right.

This young lady drives like a maniac. OH MY WORD!! I was hanging on for dear life! She drives a big SUV of some sort. 75-80 mph, swerving in and out of traffic, passing, jerking around. I even spoke up and told her she should slow down. I am old enough to be her mother, almost grandmother. I asked her why she didn't use the cruise-control. I started feeling queasy and thought maybe I just needed to eat some breakfast, so we stopped at Cracker Barrel in Columbus. Now, mind you, I drove to Lancaster from Logan. We had only gone from Lancaster to Columbus by this time and I was queasy already but I didn't think it was from her driving....honestly, I didn't, because I have a really strong constitution and just don't get sick at my stomach often at all. So we had a very good breakfast and chatted and laughed and had a great time. Then it was back on the road.....speeding, swerving, jerking, weaving, passing. We get to Dayton an hour early.....which should come as no surprise, considering. *feeble grin* So we have a great day, learning new chords, progressions, techniques and choruses and so on, meeting new people, talking to old acquaintances. Then it is back on the road, heading home. I don't know how it could possibly have gotten any worse, but it did....the driving home. Oh, maybe it was worse because there was so much more traffic on the road by this time. I am popping Rolaids and mints trying to keep my stomach under control. We finally get back to Lancaster where she proceeds to make two circling turns around my car.....just for the fun of it. *feebler grin* I had parked at New Life Christian Center that morning. So she drops me off and takes off. Just as I get seated in my car, my stomach starts lurching and churning and well, I'll spare you the rest but I was terribly sick and lost everything I had eaten that day on New Life's parking lot. I phoned Ed and told him what had had happened and how sick and shakey I was but I thought I would be able to get home okay, which I did. Soooooo......I get home and there is a situation that has come up and it only served to compound how badly I was feeling to begin with and it all continued on into Sunday and I was eating crackers and sipping water all the while. I was in bed all Sunday afternoon. I did go to both services and they were wonderful, the worship and presence of the Lord was so strengthening. I have such supportive, talented people under me in the music department and I thank the Lord for them each and every day. Soooooo (I say that alot, hm?) yesterday I had a funeral to attend, food to fix for the family afterward and I also did the music for the service. In the meantime, the hubby is getting the floogey that I have had and we're dealing with a few other things. The Lord is truly able to give us peace in the midst of storms that arise in our lives. Barbara put up this encouraging post at Stray Thoughts and I surely needed to read these words. Thank you, Barbara, so much.
Then last night, there was a Mother's Memorial dinner for Section 3 at Bro. and Sis. Young's church in New Lexington that I went to with some ladies from our church. Sis. Young and the ladies of her church always provide us with such a lovely, delicious meal and an entertaining, encouraging evening.
Today has been my down day and I have needed it. Tomorrow there is another funeral to attend at New Life. A dear, dear saint has passed away: Sis. Ruzella Wright. I believe she was 92 years old. Her husband baptized me and all of my siblings when we came into the church, me in my 20's, my siblings in their 30's, when we came to know the Lord and were born again. There will be many people there that I have not seen for so long. It will be a wonderful reunion day, I'm sure.
It is going on 7pm and I need to get some things done here this evening as I won't be home much tomorrow.
I hope you are enjoying the beauty and freshness of spring. It is such a hopeful time of year! God bless!


Stace said...

You poor thing! That cold, and then the tummy upset... but I'm glad that you're feeling better! I know what you mean about being weakly - I'm feeling like all my energy is going towards fighting this cold, but I too am feeling a lot better today.

All the international blogs I read seem happy for nice weather... over here, we are in terrible drought (and have been for 10 years) and would love some rain. For so long the knowledge has been in my head that we're all doomed if it doesn't rain - tell me, is the weather fairly normal in the USA, or have you also been experiencing extremes? I wonder as to the extent of the issue.

Ronda Hurst said...

Oh my word, Jewell I thought you was going to tell us you were pregnant! LOL Thankfully it was just the flu! LOL

Gene Holley, Jr. said...

LOL! I am so sorry, but I laughed like crazy about your roller-coaster ride and read it out loud to my wife! Your description is priceless!! I can just see you hanging on for dear life. Sorry that it made you weakly and sick. Stay out of that lady's car.

Theresa said...

Well, I'm glad that you arrived home in one piece, even if it was a sickly arrival! There are a few precious ladies from my church that I can't ride with because otherwise I'd have to throw them out of the driver's seat and take over! ;) Usually, I volunteer to drive (as long as it's not a van), that way I know that I will arrive safely.

I hope you and Ed both get to feeling much better. And, I'll be praying about your "situation". Love ya!

Jewel said...

Hello to all of my blogging friends! Thank you all so much for stopping by.

Stace, we have had extremes in weather here, the extremely warm spring temperatures being one of them, but not the drought conditions that you describe in Australia. Out west here in the US it goes from dust-dry to flooding rains and in the northeast, especially upstate New York, they had upwards of several FEET of snow. I believe it was record-breaking.
Are there terrible water shortages there, Stace?

Sis. Hurst! Bite your tongue!!! LOL That's not even funny....at my age!!! It would indeed be a miracle!

Well, Bro. Holley, I'm so glad that my agony brought you and your wife so much laughter and joy!! LOL At least something good came from it, hm? *smile* OH, and you can count on me staying out of her car. Never again! And I always say never say never, but I'm telling you...NEVAHHHHH!!! LOL

Hi, dear Theresa....yes, I survived. I volunteered to drive but she said that she never rides with anyone else/ she always drives. Go figure. But I've learned my lesson. And I am back to normal....well, as far as my health is concerned. *grin* And I do covet your prayers. Thank you..

Aidan said...

Glad you are begining to feel better..

I dont know how people drive like that, i cant even get above the limit with anyone in the car, let alone my beautiful wife... When she is sititng in the passenger seat, i am 10 k per hour under the limit....

Loverly weather for us here down under would be a month of rain.... This drought is horrible, farmers are killing themselves because they cant make ends meet... its very depressing.

Stace said...

Jewel - in some parts of the country there are very bad water shortages. However in the last week or so it appears that the drought MAY finally be breaking, so we have our fingers crossed.

Aidan - you take too much care of me :) Drive faster, it's more fun! hehe

Jewel said...

Aidan....I use my cruise control all the time and the most I go over the speed limit might be a couple of miles per hour. I just can't see paying a huge fine, you know? Well, plus I am "older" and I've slowed down a bit. *smile* I'm so sorry to hear about the drought and the toll it is taking on people. I'll be praying that the Lord opens the windows of heaven and lets the rain come.

Stace....after such a dry spell, rain is soooo welcome and refreshing that you just want to go out and splash and play in it, hm? You've got a treasure in that Aidan! *smile*