Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Got me to thinking.....

When I read the things that were different now as opposed to 1900, in my belated Father's Day Post, it got me to thinking of how much has changed in my 55-year lifetime. Here are just a few that come to mind:
We didn't have color TV and we only watched TV in the evening as a family for a couple of hours.
We didn't have microwaves.
We didn't have pantyhose. (oh my!) Remember stockings, ladies?
We didn't have air-conditioning at home.
Oh, and computers were not even thought of! Imagine! And now we consider them a necessity almost!
We had 45, 78, and 33 speed vinyl records and had to replace broken needles often *smile*
We didn't eat out as a family. All our meals were at home. I can only remember 3 or 4 times that we actually went out to a restaurant as a family and one time it was because my dad had done some work at the restaurant and the owner gave us our meals free. Who cared? I remember we got all dressed up and went to the restaurant where they seated all of us (7) in this ginormous booth. We were in heaven! *grin*
We got a 25-cent allowance every Friday. I remember one week, for my 25-cents, I bought a jumprope, paddle ball, and jacks and ball! I had to get one penny from my mom for the tax! I was rich! Remember jacks? It was one of my favorite games!
Donuts, chips, pop/soda, ice cream, candy were not staple items at our house. They were treats for special occasions like birthdays or Christmas. Oh, and pizza was just beginning to become popular. I remember the first time I had pizza from a pizza shop was on a date with my first boyfriend. I was 16.
We had one car. My dad had his work van for his plumbing business but it was indeed a work van.
I'll add things as I remember them. I think it is fun to go down memory lane sometimes and see how much has changed through the years.
Oh, a couple of more: We didn't have a dishwasher or ice-maker. I still don't, for that matter. Well, there was a dishwasher in our home when we bought it, but I had never used one and just didn't want it, so we sold it. I find doing dishes kind of relaxing, standing there in front of my kitchen window, thinking, listening to music or talking to Ed. And I still use ice-cube trays. I don't mind at all.
Okay, that's it for now. I have to get ready for church. Oh, and feel free to add some things if you like! *smile*


Theresa said...

I think the thing that astounds me the most is the way the cost of things has changed!! When I started driving in '76, gas was about .54, now!!!! A gallon of milk was usually .85. For $10.00 I could take my mom, my brother, and myself out for a dinner at IHOP!

Oh, how things do change!! This is a fun post, Jewel!

Jewel said...

Absolutely, Theresa! How the cost of things HAS changed! It is fun to look back, though, isn't it?
I remember when a pack of cigarettes was 35 cents! Wow! *smile* I'm so glad the Lord helped me to quit!!

Aidan said...

I still dont have a TV, Ice machine, or pantyhose:)

I live a simple life by choice, TV is a distract from the things which truly matter.

I loved Jacks as a kid, though we played Knuckles, similar but with pig knuckles.. which were replaced with plastic versions as i got older.

SOmething about being a kid, who ever was in your street was your friend, summer lasted for ever, and there was always an adventure to entertain you, and worry your parents...

I just read the below post to GO DANIEL!!!!!
that is a fantastic oportunity, I wish him all the best:) I love to see people achieve, you must be so very proud.

Tersie said...

I love what Aidan said about television being a distraction from what is really important in life. I couldn't agree more! We have a television, but rarely use it. I love spending quiet time with my kids, reading, or just playing outside! There's a HUGE difference right there! I know when I was a kid I was outside all the time! Now kids are lucky to see the sun at all between television, video games and the computer! Yikes!

My office manager was telling a story a couple of weeks ago about the first time she ever tried pizza. I am young enough to always have pizza around ... but the difference there was that we had to go out to eat it. Now we can just make a phone call and it shows up on my front porch. We rarely went through drive-throughs when I was a kid. I remember living in California and a drive-through at Jack in the Box was a big deal! ha! Now people do it all the time without even thinking about it.


Great post!! :)

Barbara H. said...

I can remember when buying milk to go along with your lunch cost less than a nickel. I remember nylons that stayed up with garter belts. I remember sanitation belts with the sane little set-up for sanitation napkins without all the sizes and variations they have now.

I don't have an ice maker and don't want one (and when we bought out last refrigerator, it cost more to get one without an ice maker!!). I do love my dishwasher and microwave, though.

I remember when many of the programs on TVLand were new. :)

Jewel said...

Hi Aidan! Thanks for the good wishes for Daniel. Yes, TV is a time-waster indeed. We do have one but watch it very sparingly. I have to be mindful of the ol' pc here, because it can consume quite a bit of time if I'm not careful! And thank goodness, YOU don't have pantyhose, you lucky guy!! *grin*

Hi Tersie! You know, speaking of kids watching so much TV....I read an article by a physician who said that he believes TV-watching, video games, computers and the like contribute to autism. His son had autism and this doctor decided to take matters into his own hands and began taking his son everywhere with him, interacting with him, not allowing him to watch TV, play video games and the like. His son is now no longer considered autistic!!! The medical community is just short of crucifying this doctor because of his autism theory, but he is just asking them to look at the possibilities here. I tend to agree with him, myself.

Oh, yes, I remember no drive-thrus, too!!! And now there are drive-thru pharmacies, which I do like, as I pick up medicine for my sister and it is soooo convenient! *smile*

And concerning delivery, I have a friend who lives in Columbus and she said that most all of the restaurants do delivery now! Can you believe it???

Hey, Barbara! Yes, I remember those horrid garter and sanitary belts....sitting in class and having them digging into your legs! Yuck!! *grin* And it is unbeliveable the selection we have now! Sheesh!! LOL

Jewel said...

Oh and Barbara, I remember when I was in the first grade, milk was TWO CENTS a carton!!! Unbelievable, hm???? (makes me sound really old, hm? LOL)