Saturday, June 16, 2007

Pomp and Circumstance

Soooo, last Sunday after the morning's service, Ed and I were just sitting down to dinner here at home, when the phone rang. It was Daniel:

"Hey, Dad, did I tell you and Mom that I decided to take part in the graduation ceremony? It is at 2:30. See you there!"

Huh? What was that? Hellooooo?

You call us an hour and a half BEFORE the ceremony to tell us you are taking part in it?

So being the dutiful parents that we are, we wolfed, uh, I mean......we ate a bit of the roast and potatoes I had fixed for dinner and headed off for Hocking College.

When we arrived, we were directed to our parking space and when the attendant saw my walker, he called for a golf cart to come take us right to the door. This was so unexpected, but I was so thankful and grateful for the help. Then, once we arrived at the auditorium, we were directed to seats for the handicapped, where we were seated RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE STAGE AND PODIUM! I was almost in tears. I never dreamed that we would ever get seats right in front! I told Ed that I would stand the whole ceremony if I was just able to, though,you know? We met a wonderful family from Michigan who was there to watch their niece graduate and on the other side of us was a lady and her father that I've known for years but hadn't seen for quite some time. It was a wonderful afternoon!
As you can see, Daniel's tassel and shirt match. I asked him if he knew his tassel was going to be orange and he said, "Yes, Mom!" He was the only one who wore a matching shirt and tassel! That's our boy! *smile* He had his second interview at Diamond Power this week. We are praying that the Lord's will is done. It sounds like an excellent job opportunity and the benefits package is awesome. They will reimburse him if he chooses to go on in college part-time while he works and Daniel has expressed a desire to get his Masters degree in drafting and design. I'll keep you posted!

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Theresa said...

Tell Daniel congratulations for me, please! I'll be praying about the position. Keep us posted.

Love you!