Saturday, July 07, 2007

What have I been up to?

Wellllllll......I've been keeping busy, let me tell ya! But then, I go a bit slower than I used to and have to take more breaks, so it takes me longer to do the things I used to do in a whipstitch! Anywayyyy.......this week I've had church, choir practice, worked on choruses and songs for the multi-media, done hair for my ladies, taken care of my home (that's more detailed than you care to know ;-o) and so much more.
This morning I woke up so full of energy! Of course, this burst of energy was mostly on the inside and when I tried communicating it to the outside of me.....well, I met with some resistance.....but I pushed through. I got all of my usual morning tasks done and then commenced to baking a cake (from scratch). It is called Pineapple Sheet Cake or Mexican Wedding Cake and it is my favorite! I made cream cheese icing for it and oh my word, is it delicious with a hot cup of coffee! I then made a huge bowl of macaroni salad....another one of my faves....and fried chicken for lunch. Ed spent the morning, until about 12:30, mowing and trimming grass. It looks sooooo nice. I'll try to take some pictures tomorrow and post them. Oh, and I've also been working on an afghan for a friend. It is about two-thirds of the way done. I'll post pics of it, too. I promise! :-)
I spoke on the phone to my sister, Debbie, to my niece, Bethany, whose little baby is due the 24th of this month, and to my friend, Neda (we had some catching up to do) *grin*.
And in between all of this, I've been working on music for church tomorrow, putting some finishing touches to it.
Now, what kind of puts a real time crunch on all of these things is the fact that I am reading a really good series: Abram's Daughters by Beverly Lewis. I am on book two of five, The Betrayal. I don't often read fiction, but a couple of weeks ago, while in the library, I found her Annie's People series (3 books) and I couldn't put them down! Same with this series. *sigh* I just can't wait to finish the necessary things so I can READ! There's nothing like a good book that you can get lost in!
Previous to reading the Beverly Lewis books, I had just finished John Bevere's "Breaking Intimidation". A friend has highly recommended his book, "The Bait of Satan", so I put it on hold at the library. Before that, I read Rick Warren's "God's Power to Change Your Life".
I've also been listening to the CD's from Maine's Campmeeting. Bro. Alan Abbey was the day-speaker and he is just so awesome. The Lord has really ministered to me through Bro. Abbey's messages: "Where Has the Passion Gone?" and "The Watchman on the Wall" Oh, but I want to be continually growing spiritually and drawing closer to the Lord.
Andddddd, I've endeavored to enjoy the beautiful weather here at home, sitting out on the porches with Rocky at my feet, reading or crocheting, listening to my CD's, when I have the time to do this.
I'll try to be more faithful in my posting because I feel that if I am going to have this blog, I need to BLOG! (Right, Pat? *grin*)
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


Theresa said...

Oh, how I wish I could find the time to enjoy some time on your porch, sipping iced tea, and having a good chat! Sounds soooo relaxing! :)

chantell said...

Every time I read one of your posts, I feel so comforted, so . . . relaxed. It just makes me smile imagining you doing things you love at your own pace and just enjoying life!

Jewel said...

Hi girls....I do enjoy my home and life. I used to just rush around like mad, but I've learned and AM still learning to slow down and enjoy the journey. Of course, I've not had much of a choice because of my health, but it has been good for me in so many ways.
It would be so good to have you both come and just spend a relaxing few days with me. *smile*

Jana Dolan said...

Sis Jewel,
I would hafta say that I agree with you posting more...I love your blog...but really....I must not complain for this chick has not posted in weeks...Thanks for the passed conviction to post!
Love ya!

Jewel said...

Ha ha, Sis. Jana! I will try to post more often indeed and thanks for stopping by!!! It might help a bit if I had high-speed internet at home 'cause sometimes I just tired of the slowness of it all, you know? I am at the library at the moment surfing the web at lightning speed!! Yeehaa!! *sigh* How I wish I had it at home but we live too far down in the hills! BUT I love living down in the hills, so I guess it is a good trade-off, hm? *smile*

Barbara H. said...

I love the Beverly Lewis books!

Jewel said...

Hi Barbara! Me, too! I just started book FIVE of the Abram's Daughters series. Just when I think I know where the plot is going, I get a surprise! They are sooo good! And I know after I finish this series, I am just going to have to get one of the others. A friend of mine says she has a new series coming out. *fingers crossed* *smile*