Thursday, March 15, 2007

What a week!

We had our monthly ladies' meeting at church Tuesday night. It was our circle's turn to serve and clean-up. I had had a particularly busy day and by the time I had finished helping clean-up at the ladies' meeting it was 10pm and I was in so much pain and completely worn out. When we were taking prayer requests at the beginning of our meeting, I asked the ladies to please pray with me because I was going to have to decide whether to have an MRI on my lower back or not. I've checked out the cost and the average is around $2400. One place does offer a payment plan after making a hefty down payment. Dr. Gedeon had asked me to seriously consider having one so we would know just what is going on with my back. So, I go to my appointment the next morning with Dr. Gedeon. I have a session with the massage therapist first. She asked me where my pain was this morning and it dawned on me that I wasn't in pain anywhere!!!! Now, I was stiff around my back and hips, but there was no pain and my posture has remained straight. Hallelujah! I was just thrilled! Diana, my massage therapist, went on to work on my hips and legs and back as she usually does. Next, I go into see Dr. Gedeon and he asks me the same thing....."What do we need to work on today, Jewel?" and I told him that I didn't have pain anywhere, just some stiffness, to which he replied, "That is great news!!!" He said, "Let's have a look at you and see how your back is." After checking my spine and back and doing a few adjustments and so on, he was just amazed by how good my back was. I told him and Diana that with their help and the help of the Lord, I am getting better! And he didn't even mention the MRI!!!! As usual, a few hours after having the massage and adjustments, I experienced some pain and discomfort, but today, I am doing really well ANDDDDD it is cloudy and rainy and cold, which usually means I am really in pain, but not so today. Oh, I am a bit stiff and there is a little pain, but nothing like I've been having. I am making progress, with the help of the Lord and these wonderful people!!!
"I'll be up again, just you wait and see,
Rough times won't keep me down,
They'll just send me to my knees,
And there while I'm in prayer,
God will give the victory song,
I'll be up again, where I belong!!"


Theresa said...

Just a quick suggestion--before you have your massage next time, try to drink about a quart of water. The massage helps your body get rid of toxins that build up, but if you don't flush yourself with enough water it leaves you feeling yucky. My massage therapist told me this, and I seldom feel sore after she works on me, now.

Jewel said...

Thanks, Theresa, I will do it! I know they've always told me to drink plenty of water afterward but not before. Have a good weekend!