Thursday, March 01, 2007

What a guy!

Ed and I were driving to church last night, just talking about this and that, especially about how the grass will be up before long and then the mowing and trimming and weed-wacking will begin. Well, we have this killer bank that runs along the entire road frontage of our property. I asked Ed if he thought he would be able to keep up with it this year and he said, "Sure, I will. I'll just spray it with weed-killer like I did last year and that will be that, but I need to get a new garden sprayer because the one we have is junk." Well, I told him it wasn't either junk. The nozzle just gets plugged up occasionally, but they all do that and besides, he got that for me for Mother's Day a few years ago, so it has sentimental value. Well, he tried to argue with me that he didn't get it for me for Mother's Day, but HE DID!! I know, because I had been wanting one, soooo, since Mother's Day was close at hand, he bought me a garden sprayer. What a guy! And I'm sure that he took me out for dinner or something else, too. *smile*

Now, don't get me wrong, it wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but I did NEED it. Ed has always been very thoughtful like this. We've had many wonderful laughs over his gift-giving through the years and the cards he gives me. One time he gave me a card for one of the holidays and on the front of it said, "To Someone Nice To Know" Ya Think????? LOL

Oh, and I was pregnant when we spent our first Mother's Day together. All of the ladies at church asked him what he got me and he said nothing because we didn't have a child. He said I wasn't a mother yet and they said I was too!! The baby was just inside of me right now. Sooooo.....after church, he walked downtown and came back with a pretty little sack in his hand and handed it to me. Inside was this humongous card folded in half, because the envelope had gotten lost or something and it was the only Mother's Day card they had left.....and, well, you get the idea. It had a picture of a little dwarf or something sitting on a pretty flower. On the outside it said...."MOM" and on the inside it said something like, "I know I'm probably not what you expected, but I love you anyway, Mom. Thanks for putting up with me. Love, Ed." It was so sweet!!!!

Anywayyyy....Ed said he was glad that we talked about Mother's Day because it is only about 2 1/2 months away and he needs to get to thinking about what he is going to get me. (Like I said, he always put a lot of thought into this kind of stuff....*feeble grin*)

I LOVE YOU, ED!!! You ARE truly the best!!! Thanks for the memories and laughs!!


Anonymous said...

Do you know how bad I would love to get away with getting Becky a weed killer?

Thats it, I'm taking Ed to shop for you a Mothers Day gift. I need all your sizes, yes Jewel even those sizes!!! We may hit Victoria Secerets for you something naughty. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Jewel said...

But I love the way Ed buys gifts! It is always a surprise and I never forget what he gets me! *smile* I'm not so sure that Victoria Secret is my cup of tea. But thanks for the kind thought! I don't know if Ed would go into VS, seriously. I've only been in there once myself. I think I'll stick to good ol' Walmart or JCPenney! *smile*

Valerie Fentress said...

Men are so silly some times :)

Thanks for stoping by my blog :)

Jewel said...

You're welcome, Valerie! Yes, silly in good, lovable ways, hm? *smile*