Monday, March 19, 2007

I came...I posted....I left.

I have contracted a nasty cold and sore throat from some generous soul out there. Needless to say, I feel like "trap". (Remember that word, Becky? *grin*) This is a word that Daniel and I came up several years ago, in lieu of the word that sounds similar to it which we don't say in our household. I'm always reminded of Caroline when I say it because she used to kind of talk baby talk, too, when she said certain things, which I do, too.

I did want to come here and post, though, before I go off to rest and recuperate. I woke up in the middle of the night, unable to talk and with my throat on fire, my nose all stuffed up. *yuck* is off to bed with myself! Happy Monday to all of you!

AAAACCCCHHHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! *groooaaannn* *aaacchhhheeee* *sniiiffffllllee* *whiiine*


Stace said...

You poor thing!!! I fully sympathise - I used to catch colds with more frequency than anybody else I knew, and it's not nice! Although the time Aidan drove for two hours to bring me chicken soup was kind of worth being sick for :) Not to worry, rest up and keep warm, drink lots of water, you'll be ok!

Theresa said...

I hope you get to feeling better quickly! The "stuff" that has been going around up here is really nasty.

I'm glad we can't spread real viruses through our blogs! ;)

Jewel said...

Stace and Theresa...thank you both for your kind wishes. I am feeling somewhat better and, yes, I am resting, drinking plenty of fluids and take medicine. Those basics REALLY do work,hm? *grin*

And Stace, he REALLY drove 2 hours to bring you soup? Now THAT is special. How is he doing on the bike trip?

Stace said...

Yes Jewel, in the early days of our relationship... I was very sick in bed, and suddenly there was a knock at my door... I didn't want to get up, I felt terrible, and then I opened the door and there he was with his gorgeous silly grin and a can of chicken soup, having driven from his place down on the Peninsula!

As for the bike ride, he called me last night - he rode 114km yesterday, and apparently he's going just fine! Sounds like he's really enjoying himself, which is great. I think he's needed a break, just to get away from it all, for quite a while. So do I, now I come to think of it!!! Not a bike ride though, for me. I'm not that crazy!!!

Jewel said...

Wow!It must be love,hm? *smile* I'm glad to hear that the bike ride is going so good, Stace! Thanks for letting me know!