Sunday, March 11, 2007

A re-run but a GOOD one! :-)

I believe I posted this picture of Ellie, the cat, when I first started blogging, but I am not definitely sure and I'm too weary to go back and check, so I thought I would just go ahead post it again because she is just sooooo cute in this picture. I had forgotten about it until I went into my pictures folder here on my pc to do some housecleaning and there she was, looking so demure and gorgeous. So I put it up as my wallpaper here on the desktop and thought I would post it here for your viewing pleasure!! I hope you all have a wonderful Monday! Oh, and how about the early daylight savings time? *yawn* I read in the Sunday paper where people in one part of Indiana had to turn their clocks ahead TWO hours! I'm not sure of the reason why, but if and when I find out, I'll let you know!! One hour is bad enough but the beautiful daylight is the reward!!
I think this picture of Ellie, the cat, could possibly be an award winner. What do you think?


Stace said...

What a beautiful cat! I miss having a cat - mine still lives with my parents, as we can't have pets in our rented unit.

Jewel said...

We love her to bits, Stace, though she can be a snoot at times. But isn't that just how cats are? *feeble grin* We leave our bedroom door shut at night so she doesn't disturb our sleep, but at six on the dot in the morning, she is pawing and meowing at our door for food and attention. We love it!

Barbara H. said...

She looks like a sweetie. Great picture -- just might win an award!

I just want to thank you for your sweet, kind comments on my blog. Whenever you say anything it is always so uplifting. :-)

Jewel said...

She's our girl, Barbara, but she has been so baaadddd today! She has been nipping at my feet, getting on our bed...a big no-no. I don't know what is wrong with her! *feeble grin* Maybe spring fever?!?
Well, you are very welcome for the comments. Your blog is just a breath of fresh air and I enjoy it everyday!
God Bless!!

Theresa said...

I love this pic of Ellie! Even though I'm allergic to her, she is a very adorable cat, and I don't mind being around her since she isn't always trying to get me to pet her! Have a wonderful day, Jewel!

Jewel said...

Hi Theresa! Yes, she doesn't jump on you or rub around on you a bunch. She is her most cuddly in the morning when we open the bedroom door and let her in to say good morning. That is the only time she is allowed on the bed and she just purrs like crazy and meows and rubs all over us and cuddles. But other than that, she is kind of aloof for the rest of the day. Once in a great while, if me or Ed are sitting in our chairs, she might jump up in our laps. Hope your elbow is doing better!! ((HUGS))