Friday, July 14, 2006

Update on Johnny!

Well, Johnny just called me. He smoked the treadmill! The stress test! Passed with flying colors! He is pretty proud of himself. Gosh, he's hard enough to live with;now, it will be worse. They think it was stress and the fact that he had just run down and then back up this hill that Arby's is being built on. Let me tell you, if I ran down then back up a hill I KNOW I would pass out. I told Johnny that sometimes when I laugh reeealllyyyy know, when you face turns beet red and you can't breathe.....I almost pass out. I'm serious. I get dizzy and the whole bit. He said he does too. We're twins. Go figure. *grin*

Well, I am going to go run the sweeper and clean the front bathroom then settle in and crochet on my "never-ending" afghan! I hope you are all having a super day!


Theresa said...

I'm glad to hear the good report from your brother. I'm praying for you both!!!

Hey, when do we get an updated pic of THE AFGHAN??

How did you like my pics of Mistie's dress???

Jewel said...

I thought I left a comment on Misty's dress....but I could be wrong...*sigh*....*feeble grin*
I loved it! I loved the blue under the overlay. It was gorgeous and different. I also liked the way it was gathered up on the sides. You are so brave to make a wedding dress for someone. Now I've made myself bridesmaids three different time, so maybe I could do a simple bridal dress.
Okay, alright already. I just finished the afghan this morning so I'll take a pic and post it before I take off!!
Love ya!!