Thursday, July 20, 2006

On the wagon!

Well,my friend and pastor's wife, Sis. Martin and I joined Weight Watchers Tuesday evening! I am hoping that the financial investment will be enough of an incentive to keep me on track with this program. So far so good! I have eaten more food in the past two days than I have eaten in quite awhile. But, of course, that is because I am eating three meals and snacks. Also, I am eating fruit. Now I love vegetables...all of them! And I kinda like fruit but Ed is the real fruit eater of the family. But I have been having three servings of fruit a day and all kinds of veggies cause they are FREE! Well, most of them. I have been drinking 6-8 glasses of water and exercising. I have been walking. I can't walk very far, but I am hoping to build up to longer distances. Right now my goal is to lose 21 pounds and I am not to weigh myself in between meetings. That is kind of difficult but so far, I've done fine with that. Already I feel better;not so sluggish and tired. Soooo, I will keep you posted! It was funny at church last night. Cheryl, my sister-in-law (who has lost 35 pound on WW), brought these little pouches of Reese's snacks to Bro. and Sis. Martin and I and she asked us how many points we had left. I had the most with 5! Cheryl didn't have any left. Sis. Martin had 2 and I think Pastor had 1! It is good to be doing this other people. It makes it more fun! So Kaitlin, our adopted daughter (we have alot of adopted kids between us, hm, Theresa? *grin*), came home with us after church last night so she could watch Project Runway with me. She wanted some cereal and I wanted a snack of some kind. Sooooo...she got out this like mashed potato bowl and filled it with Raisin Bran, milk and an ample shower of sugar! Me??? I got out a coffee cup, measured out a half cup of cereal, about 1/3 of a cup of milk, and sprinkled just a little Splenda on mine! Kaitlin couldn't believe I was just going to eat that little pitiful bit but in all honesty, it was enough and I was satisfied. She and Ed eat cereal alike....mashed potato bowl servings! So much for healthy portions! LOL


Rebecca said...

How many adopted kids do you have? I know there's Kaitlin and my dad. Who else?

Jewel said...

Wellllll...let me see.....there might be one other one and that would be Caleb Moritz. He is a friend of Daniel's. His family is a home shcool family and that is how we met Caleb...through our homeschool group. He and Daniel became really good friends and Caleb and I just kind of clicked, too, so he is an adopted child, also. *grin* But I do believe that is all. But now you are my ONLY adopted grandchild, Becky! I'm afraid I've not been a very good "adoptive" grandmother, though....*sigh* Hey, are you going to be at family camp???